Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Week 9


What an up and down week this week extreme sadness, excitement and happiness, I guess that’s why its called Project Life.

My daughter Lucy is intellectually disabled, she has learning difficulties and school is a real struggle.  Twice a year since she started school we get together with her case  manager and work out an education plan both for school and home, it’s a list of what we want Lucy to achieve.  This year it’s changed I’m not sure if this is just for her school, state or federal it’s now called Pathway (I think) I must admit I was sceptical and thought oh yeah another “plan” but I was so impressed with this.  This is Lucy’s plan not mine not her case worker but hers.  The only things to go on this list were what she wanted.  Lucky Annabelle can draw and I think her Path looks really good.  Lucy likes visuals and couldn’t wait to put this up on her wall.  It has a list of people who influence her, short and long term goals and how and who are going to help her get there.  Very positive and most things are very doable.  We could take positive people to this meeting (it took 2hours) I took my parents, but we could have taken day care workers, someone from an employment agency etc.  My DH would have been there but he had to work. 

The excitement was Grandma and Grandpa coming for a visit it’s great that they only live a few hours away again.  Tess bought her first car at the car auctions,  She had been saving for ages, it’s a great little car.

On a very sad note we lost a very close friend, he was only 44, so sad.  He was such a lovely and funny person and a great handyman. I guess for him he’s in a better place, we are certainly going to miss him.

Just couldn't get rid of the glare in the photo.

Not to self  Do not glue photos or cards to the back of the other photos or cards until you are absolutely sure everything is in the right place.  I'm not a hundred percent happy with where everything is placed but cant move it now.

Week 9 a


Week 9 b

Week 9 c

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Project Life Week 8


I'm really enjoying Project Life, it’s funny even Tess’s boyfriend gives me bits and pieces that I might like to keep, They went to a music  festival and he had a hand written list of the bands he would like to see so I added that, he gave me a business card that I forgot to pick up at a tavern we were all at yesterday.  I'm training them well just got to get Tess and Tony (DH) to take more photo’s when they go places together.  They took one photo at the car auctions, One.  They need working on.  Here’s my week eight I didn't get this posted last week as I was waiting for Joey to hand over photos that he took at the music festival that he, Tess and Lucy went to.  He gave me a grand total of 3 photos, they were there from 11am to 11pm and I got three photos, it had been raining but it wasn't that bad.  I used another insert it was a  10x12 , I didn't have enough photos from the music festival I added the ticket, I also downloaded a copy of the programme .  I also added the girls in their gumboots that they were going to wear I had to laugh the tag basically said that these boots were useless in heavy rain but made you look gorgeous as you were bouncing around in the puddles.

Had a bit of trouble taking photos today, no decent light.

The two pages without the inserts

Week 8 a

Week 8 c

Week 8 d

Week 8 e

Week 8b

Week 8 f


Borrowed two ideas for this page.  One was in the mail today I took from Amy Tangerine and the photo of the groceries with the price on it came from Figuring Out 40 .  I want to put the receipts and business card into a red envelope I just cant find where I have put it.  Love my friends new car, would have loved a drive.

Week 8 g