Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Project Life - Week 7

How quickly are the weeks passing and in two days it will be autumn, my favourite time of the year. The Beach photos were taken by Joey Kiernan and I'm grateful that he let me have them.




It’s really hard not to use the inserts as they add so much more and I've used them again doing week 8.  I really hate my handwriting but decided that that was the way too go as it’s so much quicker and I don't want to be spending hours trying to print stuff. I'm really enjoying this process I got to March last year and stopped but I'm going to see if I can finish it I'm not going to worry if there isn't a spread for each week.  I think it was last year but one of the months I don't think I took a single photo but at least we can enjoy the photos and the stories if I can get them in the album.

Bye for Now


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Project Life–Week 6

I added some inserts this week I love that idea but I'm going to try not to do it too often as I don't want the album really bulky.  One I didn't show as I realised I hadn't finished it.









A layout to Share

I had a very productive day today I caught up on my Project Life, finished a layout I had started last weekend and started going through  a large box of UFO’s (unfinished layouts) and finished some or ditched the others I'm about half way through it so hopefully will finish it tonight while I listen to the cricket.  Some of these layouts were so old, I had made a heap of  packs up for some retreats I went on now I haven't been on any retreats for years lol.  Here's  my January In review layout it’s from Pip Prosser’s Cut and Paste Feb double up packs.




I should stop being lazy and scan the layouts rather than photograph them, they look better scanned.

Project Life–Week 5






Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Day In My Life

I was only saying the other day I haven't posted a Day In my life for ages so when I read Ali Edwards blog at the beginning of the week she was doing one I thought I would join in but I left it for today as the last two days I have been doing bookwork and didn't leave the house.

Today was crazy and was nothing like a normal day, we ended up waiting for five hours in Caloundra (a beachside town) forty minutes from where I live for my car’s radiator to be fixed, I didn't mind this but as a result I had taken over 300 photo’s by 1.30pm.  A lot was taking my camera out of auto and experimenting (not very well either) I had a great day but Tess and Joey were so bored.  It’s not often I get to spend hours at the beach and just able to take photos, Pure Bliss.

Tony left for work at 5.30, he has a busy day and has to go down to Brisbane,  Milly jumps onto our bed for a snuggle, she does this every morning.


Wake Lucy up at 6.20, She gets up and starts getting ready.  While she does that I get the bed made and fix her lunch, no effort this morning left over fried rice.  I have little natural light in my house it drives me crazy.


I don't get the hair straightening thing everyday.  Finally get out the door at 7.10 was going to go and get a coffee but changed my mind I could have made her walk.


It such a beautiful day today.  Lucy isn't real co-operative with me taking photos of her these days and she wouldn't pose while I took a photo of her at the bus stop so I just had to be satisfied with what I could get.


Back home do dishes wake up Tess and Joey to see if they want to come to Caloundra with me.  Joey had work at 3pm and I said we had more than enough time turned out not to be and he was almost late to work. We arrived at the Radiator Shop at 9.30 and the owner dropped us off in town and Cafe 21 on Bulcock so we could have breakfast.




I have been really good this week, I started a Whole food Kitchen  Workshop and eating nothing but really healthy food so I had my favourite this morning eggs benedict at least it had plenty of protein I haven't eaten this for months.

eggs b

After breakfast we went to Happy Valley, the water looked superb did I say it was the most beautiful day.




























Lily was as colourful as her owner who was dressed all in pink.






Getting a bit worried about the time, we decide to walk back to the main street, get a taxi and just wait at the Radiator shop until the car is finished.   I love Caloundra main street it’s so lovely with all the trees and is degrees cooler in summer due to the shade.  I love separate shops and dislike shopping centres immensely , at least main streets have character, shopping centres are all the same.

main street



This car was so small and the guy driving it tried to reverse park and hit the gutter we laughed I don't know how you could stuff up parking this car. He stopped when he saw me taking a photo and told us all about the car.  Finally got the phone call that the car was ready so we grabbed  a taxi (it’s been years since I have travelled by taxi)


Car still wasn't running properly which had nothing to do with the radiator.  I was starting to think we wouldn't make it home.  Then near home we hit the road works which are going to be there until September.


waiting, waiting , waiting

Waiting, waiting, waiting.  Bye Joey you have 50 minutes to get home and get to work.


The dogs were glad to see us as they had been locked up all day.  Tess decided to take Tony’s ute and go back to Nambour to pick Lucy up so I started sorting out photos while I listened to the one day cricket match.  I really need to do something about those ugly cords. My green walls never photograph nicely.


The girls got back and it was time for a coffee and something to eat.



With Tess working and both girls are busy, they don't spend as much time together as they used to.  Lucy actually said this week that she missed spending time with Tess. Renos still not finished.


Found the mail, Mapleton doesn't have a mail service we have to pick it up from the post office.  I forgot Tess had picked it up and she just dumped it in a funny place.  Nearly all the mail was bills


But there was a “good piece of mail” a save the date card from Tony’s niece, she is getting married in September on Daydream Island

save the date

The girls hanging out together, they decided to take Tony’s ute to wash it (any excuse) they just want to do laps at Mooloolaba and go out to dinner.


Tony arrives home and the dogs are so excited.




Girls look after your fathers baby.


Fred's not real happy they took the ute without him in it.


Had to do a quick trip to the shop as I had run out of milk.  By the time I cooked dinner it was 8pm I don't like eating late.  After dinner I had intended to scrap but I was too tired so I had a few shows that I had recorded that I wanted to watch, I watched Taggart.  You get an idea of what I like to watch, what you cant see is Inspector Morse, Lewis, Blood on the Wire, Murphy's Law and Spooks.  Love British crime shows and that's the  only shows I watch.  We got free pay TV with the TV and the only reason I got a new TV was to watch the Tour De France I watch no other TV. All other sport I listen to on the radio.  Couldn't live without the radio.


The girls got home about 10.30, they both had a busy day and went straight to bed.  Now I'm going to finish this post have a cuppa and have an early night

Bye for now