Thursday, May 27, 2010

Going Away for the weekend


I'm off straight after work tomorrow to Northern NSW.  The girls and I are going to see my sister, mum and grandma, I haven't seen them since October so I am looking forward to it.  Tony and Fred are staying home as it is the last weekend for Tony to get his race car ready before a friend of ours tows it to Alice Springs next week.  Have a great weekend everyone

Bye for now


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Im Computerless

My poor computer has had a breakdown and is having a rest and I am at the mercy of my childrens generousity, which isnt great. Im finding money is working if that fails then bodily harm. I should be back on Monday but then they said I would have it back today. Im a bit peeved I paid to have windows onecare virus protection and the guys fixing my computer found 600 threats on it. No wonder it wasnt running that well. Anyway will catch up with everyone next week.
Bye for now

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another Great Day


The girls had another very successful day.  They competed in two sections   Open Up Tempo which they won and Open National which they placed second.  The adjudicator wanted to award equal first to both teams but was unable and unfortunately awarded first to the other team. 

This is the only photo I took all day.  This is Tess in her Jazz costume.


A bit of a catch up

Well it seems like an eternity since I've updated my blog.  Time gets away so quickly and May is always one of our busy months.

Firstly it’s been two years since our lovely Heather left us .   Often we will be talking about something and say Oh Heather would have loved this.  She is always in our thoughts and is greatly missed .


On the 13th of May my eldest turned 17 I still think I'm way too young to have a 17 year old.





It was the first time in four or five years that I have actually been home the morning of her birthday which was really nice.  She was spoilt and was given a flat screen TV for her room and a huge surprise was tickets to go and see Fame the musical.  You can check out the website    HERE.  We are really looking forward to this.

We went out for breakfast at Wendy’s Cafe Delish in Montville, which was lovely sitting out on the balcony in the sun on a chilly autumn morning.  Then I took her shopping for HOURS at Maroochydore Plaza.  She topped up her wardrobe nicely.  Hope you had a great day Tess.

Friday saw the start of the older groups competition at the Sunshine Coast Dance Eisteddfod.  This eisteddfod is huge it runs over two weeks.  Weekdays are solo performances and the two weekends are the group performances.  This is the first time in a few years that Tess hasn't danced a solo.  On Friday her school, SCPAC came 1st in the Open Hip Hop, Fourth in the Open Up Tempo, there were only two points difference between fourth and first, it was so close.  They got a second place in the Open Novelty and Cabaret section.  Tomorrow they are dancing in the National Section and the Open Up Tempo section.  The standard of this years eisteddfod is so high it’s a pleasure to watch the older groups dance.  Although I do struggle watching Tap and a lot of classical.

I am also going to see Yusuf or better known as CAT STEVENS I'm more excited to see this than I am fame and they are both on during the same week.  Better get going as it’s getting late.

Bye for now