Sunday, October 25, 2009


I had a fun weekend , it never lasts long enough.  I didn't get as much done as I had hoped but there is always tomorrow.

Friday night I ended up at Tess’ as our good friend Chris had come to visit for the weekend.  I was intending to scrap Friday and Saturday nights as I haven't scrapped in ages .  We went to our local scrapping shop  and stayed a couple of hours then decided to go and get some take away for dinner.  Mind you it was only 9pm and all the take away shops in Nambour were shut.  What to do we were all starving lol.  The only place that was open apart from Maccas and KFC was the RSL’s cafe it was either that or a drive to the coast which we really didn't want to do .  We did end up having a lovely dinner and got back to Tess’ quite late.  I didn't end up scrapping as I was pretty tired and was home by 11.30, although I didn't get to bed until much later lol. 

Up at 5 and had a big list of garage sales that I wanted to go to.  Lucky Tony, as the girls had slept over at friends places I insisted he come with me, only to grab stuff that I want to look at and don't want other people snatching it out from under me and to help me carry goodies.  He’s not good at the helping  me carry goodies bit once he realises that there is nothing he must stand guard over he tends to wander off lol.  Anyway as I tell him we are getting to spend quality time together .  I know he would rather be anywhere else than going to garage sales lol but bless his heart he does it to  please me.  I really hate it when he asks me “ and where are you going to put that” I now ignore him.  Lucy’s a real enabler she says “buy it mum”

The first two we went to were great they had some fantastic stuff but the furniture was so expensive.  The second house we went to I sort of knew what to expect as it had been up for sale and I saw it on a real estate agents site. So if you have over one million dollars to spend I know of a gorgeous house for sale lol.

I live on the Blackall range  which runs from Mapleton to Maleny, we have a local paper that comes out on Thursdays that lists all the garage sales for the weekend in our area which is great because we can plan our attack.  Do I dare admit that Friday nights after I've looked up Google maps for directions I street view the houses if I can so I know what I'm looking for.  That sounds awful doesn't it lol.   Anyway heres what I got this weekend.


My favourite buy was the cake, biscuit and pastry tins at the back.  My back door steps look awful but they are only temporary we are building a deck here soon.



I scored this pile of music sheets I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them but I thought they cool.'



I ended up back at Tess’ Saturday night and actually got three layouts done haven't quite finished them yet but they are almost done.

We always have a really great time and they make me laugh so much.  I forgot to get my camera out until midnight.  Poor Tess was trying to teach Chris how to make a card but Chris just couldn't get it and kept cutting things wrong it was so funny.



One word, Frustration rofl.  I left at about this stage I hope she got it finished.  We are having morning tea at Tess’ in the morning to say goodbye to Chris. 

Today I had planned to paint some of my things and get them out of the shed I managed to paint until lunchtime and that was it, drove to Nambour several times this afternoon to pick the girls up.  I'm not sure what to do tonight, have an early night or do the huge pile of ironing.  I think bed is looking pretty good. 

Bye for now

Monday, October 19, 2009


This wasnt the plan today but I ended up at the beach for a  couple of hours and I enjoyed every minute of it.  I really should do it more often

IMG_2734 Cotton Tree Beach .

I dont have many photo’s of Lucy these days but I found this one in her photo’s lol


Sunday, October 18, 2009


It doesn't sound as good as Friday’s finds does it? Had some good finds on Friday as well, lol.  I think I've started something with Lucy as she wont be left at home on a Saturday morning and gets up at  5.30 to come to the garage sales lol.  I actually think the only reason she comes with me is for the coffee and toasted sandwich afterwards lol.

Yesterday we visited four garage sales and had a fairly successful morning.  I still haven't found my wicker chairs or my rectangular coffee table but I will .

This is what I scored


The little table I found at the Salvos for $5 I had been looking for a small table to go next to my lounge.  One leg is a bit wobbly but I'm sure I can fix it.  The larger dressing table or desk I paid $10 for again it has one wobbly leg.  The drawers don't even stick lol as I have found is the case with a lot of the older ones.


Yes I know the long box thing isn't the best looking  but I have hopes for it.  The other side is actually nicer it has a different pattern but I think with a coat of something it will be fine I'm going to use it as a planter box which I think is what it is lol.


Spend a grand total of $25 this weekend lol.

Bye for now



Blogging everyday that is.  I've had a really busy week and haven't been feeling a hundred percent I feel so tired and don't  know why.  I've even been going to bed at a decent hour.  Last weekend Tony and I went to our friends son and daughter in law’s 30th birthday at Redcliffe .  It was fancy dress and the theme was Gangsters and Glamour. We had a fun night but we are definitely getting older as we were home by 11.30 and that included the hour drive home lol.    I remember the days Tony and I would go out all night ,  go home have a shower and go straight to work lol.


We decided to leave the gun at  home we didn't want to create havoc as we arrived at the RSL  lol


Triple Trouble Les, Tony and Steve



Glynis and Les


Glynis and Jude


Jude and Steve


DSCF2684  We played a lot of pool I still stink at it but can I do some shots lol . The Redcliffe RSL has a great function room.  It’s two large rooms one side is the dance floor and the other is the bar and the pool table area and they provide security to stop gate crashers.  Great Venue.

We have been really busy at work which is great, makes the mornings fly.  Tess and I tried a new chiropractor on Friday.  Tony swears by him.  He’s not gentle lol.  Saturday morning I woke up pain free I thought this is great after I went back to bed for a while when I woke up I had pain in places I didn't know existed .  After I got up and got moving I felt okay but today Sunday I'm really really sore  I feel like I've been run over by a truck.  I'm hoping tomorrow I will feel fantastic.  Tony said it took him a couple of days and definitely felt worse before he felt better.  Fingers crossed

Tony is racing in Goondiwindi this weekend.  He only has to finish and I think that he has won the Australian tri series in the Prolite class.  I have been watching the live updates for the race.  Didn't want to listen to the live commentary the announcer drives me nuts.  I might listen to them leaving the starting line.  Tony is currently in 9th place overall and first in his class.  He amazes me, his car is of the older variety and has a lot less horse power than some of the other cars yet he still manages to consistently finish in the top 15 and within the top three in his class.  He can drive so well I would love to see him in one of the top cars.  I'm feeling a tad nervous as I write this. lol.

On Friday night Maleny High School held Springfest.  It was a concert and art exhibition put on by the Arts Department at the school.   It was a night of dance, music and singing.  My goodness some of the students have the most amazing voices.  Three really stood out  when those girls started to sing it gave me goosebumps  Their voices were so mature and powerful you would have thought older people were singing.  It was incredible .  The artist talent at that school is quite amazing.  It was a great night  Unfortunately I forgot my camera so obviously no photos

Bye for now

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009



I'm really sorry if anyone reading this does this but this really annoys me.  I work in a bakery and it opens at 5.30 I can really appreciate that people may be running late for work and need their cuppa and toast but please before you come into the shop PUT SOME CLOTHES ON. 

I  cant believe how many people actually go out in their PJ’s.  If you are not going to bother then please brush your hair, wash your face and clean your teeth.

Believe me I would like nothing more than to slop around in my track pants all day but if I've got get up and get dressed, which I do in the dark and have only put my shirt on inside out twice then is it too much to ask for you to do the same.

To the lovely lady that wears the beautiful fluffy dressing gown if you have time to throw that on then you have time to throw some proper clothes on.

To the nice guy that comes into work wearing nothing but his boxers I'm sorry I took a while to realise who you were when we met at a function but  I just didn't recognise you with your clothes on .

Finally to the girl  who comes in at 9am still wearing her PJ’s I know you really stay in them all day.  I don't think in four years I've ever seen you in anything else.

Bye for now

Monday, October 5, 2009


Well I nearly blew it on day two I sitting here playing a stupid mindless game on the computer thinking I might go to bed when  I remembered that I hadn't blogged today (that sounds terrible doesn't it lol). 

I'm truly grateful that I have a job, I really am but I'm over it at the moment and am really struggling to get myself out of bed and get going of a morning.  Its a really easy job, everyone that works there is lovely and I'm home by 9.30am so still have the rest of the day to enjoy.

Why am I struggling at the moment?  I really think I need a holiday.   I get time off when I  need it but the last year and a half it’s always to go away never a week or two at home.

I've worked there for over four years I'm only casual so no fixed holidays for me. I start work at 5.30 so I have to be up by 4.15am.   which is not my normal body clock (I don't think it’s anyone's normal time lol) no what I meant is that I'm a night person.  So going to bed at a decent enough hour is a real struggle for me. 

I used to get a week (or two if I wanted) every school holidays which was great but with the new owners they don't operate that way.  So today I worked out what time I want off over Christmas.  Last year I found that by the time Christmas and New Year celebrations were over my holidays were over and I didn't feel rested so this year I am lucky enough that my normal days off fall the day before Christmas and New Year so I will be able to take four days off for Christmas and four days off for New Year. 

I'm going to put in for two weeks holidays at the end of January.  I think that might work.  My goodness this would have to be the most  boring post I will have to lift my game lol.  Anyway I'm really tired and it’s time to go to bed.

Bye for now

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I grab our local paper Thursday afternoons to find out info for the garage sales on the weekend then Friday night make a plan.  This weekend saw a very early start with the first garage sale starting at 6am now this sale sounded promising as it was a combination of three families .  We arrived at 6am and I spotted a wicker chair which is something I've been looking for  but it wasn't to be as it had a sold sticker on it. There was nothing else that interested me so we moved onto the next one.  I spent a fortune at this one, wait for it $1.50 on some old bottles.  One to the third she had some nice furniture but it was way too expensive for what it was.  So that was it we were finished by 7am so we went to our local coffee shop and had breakfast lol.  It was such a  disappointing morning, oh well there is always next weekend lol.

So this weekend I've been finishing up painting some of the other things that I have accumulated over the last couple of weeks.  My little table just needs a coat of varnish, I have painted a lamp base I'm not sure what to do with the shade, attempt to recover it (I've never done this before) or go out and buy a new one.  I really want to try  and recover it.  I painted a old wooden box I'm going to put magazines in it.    I'm driving Tony nuts as I'm using half his shed and I have stuff everywhere lol.

Last night we were invited to go to the Monsters of Destructions Show (Monster trucks lol) It’s not really my thing but it was a fun night Tony and Lucy really enjoyed it.  Tony took the buggy in the grand parade.











Makes ours look really insignificant lol.














DSCF2660 DSCF2646

Bye for now


I have signed up for Blogtoberfest  that is hosted by Cathy from  Tinniegirl.  The aim is to post every day for the month of October.  This is going to be hard and Im still getting over the photo a day lol.  Luckily October is a busy month for me so hopefully I will have something to blog about.  Can I cheat and use this as my first entry, I guess I can lol.