Saturday, May 30, 2009


We went to Wet & Wild today, the kids had a ball.  It was only 22 degrees, Tony said the water was freezing and only lasted a few rides.  It amazes me how the kids never seem to feel the cold.   I swear I was the only person in jeans.   The clouds did come over and looked rainy but fortunately the rain stayed away.  After weeks of promising a trip there it’s done and we shouldn't have to go there again for at least 12 months.

I'm still trying to work my camera out especially with the sports and continuous shooting modes, at least I got some practice before next weekend.  I don't know why I didn't read the instruction book again it’s amazing what’s in there lol.

Here are some photo’s of the  day.




Tony’s looking a bit strange in the above photo lol.  He was trying to keep his pants dry.






He does find it hard to keep up with the pace.








Love the expression on Matt’s face and Tess has her eyes shut and is hanging on for grim death.




Matt’s looking a bit pasty after that ride lol.


You can just spot Tess in the water.  She was flying down that slide.


Warming up in the spa.


Last ride of the day.

After an exhausting day there is only one thing left to do.


She is going to kill me if she sees this photo on here.  She was indignant that I took one of her asleep lol.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


We have one week until we leave for Alice Springs, I have so much to do before we leave I'm not sure where to start.  I really shouldn't be sitting here writing a post for my blog lol.  It’s 7am I've tidied up the house, washing’s in the machine and the girls are almost ready to leave for school I figure I can spare half an hour or so .

We are going to Alice Springs to compete in the Tattersall's Finke Desert Race or I probably should say Tony is competing I'm spectating lol.  This will be Tony’s second time racing the Finke.  To say we are excited is an understatement it’s a fantastic event.

Tony’s been working on the car for months and has done everything possible to be prepared.  The car leaves tomorrow and we follow on Thursday.  Two years ago we drove , it took five days to get there, we did take our time doing the touristy things on the way.  Unfortunately Tony  cant take the time of work this year.


In the trailer ready to go.




I'm not sure who took these photo’s I think it was a photographer from the ABC.  These were taken in 2007



We are spending five days in Alice, so I've been planning for the places I want to go and see especially ones I missed out on last time.  No doubt it will be a full on.

So what do I have to do by next Wednesday?  As it’s the end of the month on Sunday (I think lol) I have to finish this months book work, I'm hoping to get that done today so on Sunday or Monday can print of statements and get them in the mail. 

On Saturday we are supposed to be going to Wet and Wild, oh how thrilled I am to be going there lol.  We are hoping for rain, as if we need any more.  We tried to talk Tess   out of it by telling her how cold it is going to be be she wont be put off lol.  I guess I could drop them off and go back to Ikea .

The girls aren't coming with us so we have to get them organised.  Lucy is staying with Linda and Eric and Tess is staying with Kym and Michael.   Poor Lucy, her birthday is on the 9th of June, the day we come home but wont get home until about 9pm. I have to order her cake and buy  her pressie’s.  We will take her out to dinner on Wednesday night lol.  At least we will sort of be here on the day (or what is left of it)



Anyway that’s my half hour up so had better get off here.

Bye for now

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I had been on the computer for a couple of hours and decided to head off to bed.  I walked into the lounge room and found this.



How’s his form and no he is not supposed to be on the chair.  Funny thing was he had to walk straight past me to get into the lounge room and I didn't even hear him.  He never used to do this until we went away and left him with a friend of ours who spoilt him rotten.  He had his own special chair in the house that he could sleep on, we’ve had trouble keeping him off the chairs ever since.  He has a perfectly comfortable beanbag outside on the verandah.  My friend is looking at buying boarding kennels, I can see all the dogs inside his house.   No wonder Fred loves going to stay at Les’ house.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


16 years ago today my gorgeous daughter was born.









She was such an easy baby, slept through the night at 3 days old, didnt cry much and fed well.  I dont know why I was looking so tired in the photo lol.  It wasnt from lack of sleep.  All that fell apart when she hit 6 months.  Didnt sleep much and  would only go to sleep while being breast fed.  Then she discovered movement, she never stopped, always on the go, would sit still for a minute.  She didnt go to sleep until after 10pm, (closer to midnight I wonder who she gets that from lol) then awake again at 5am.  Daytime sleeps, what were they, she would have one if we were lucky.

She was such a handful, nothing could keep her in, no child proof gate, no fence, no security doors, nothing

   The only time she slowed down was the day she burnt both the bottom’s of her feet, she had two huge blisters and couldnt walk on them.


Am I mean to say it was a great couple of days I could actually go shopping with her lol. She soon discovered on day three if she walked on the side of her feet she could get around. 

Then there was the time she went missing (She had only just turned three).  She was gone for about an hour , Tony had called the police who in turn called the SES and they were just about to call the helicopter as it was late afternoon .  She and the dog had walked past all these dams, through paddocks to a neighbours property.  The old guy found her but the dog wouldnt let him near her he stayed with them until  Tony’s nephew found them.  Tony said to her you are in so much trouble.  Why she said Iwas just taking the dog for a walk lol.



Max didnt like Tess much but he was always with her which was a godsend because if I could see the dog I always knew where she was.

So in an attempt to harness some of her energy, teach her some discipline and self  control  (many suggested she might be ADD and should be on medication)  I sent her to ballet.  She was such a cute little ballerina lol


Funny enough she seemed to lose that energy when she hit 13 lol


Moody describes her in one word lol




The next two photos are the only recent ones I have of her.  She’s not going to like them.  We are going out to dinner tonight so I might wait until she’s dressed up nicely and take another photo.  This photo was taken after she had finished dancing at the eisteddfod on Monday morning.


Another one from lunch on Sunday


Happy Birthday Tess I hope you enjoyed your day.