Sunday, February 27, 2011

Went Shopping

We don't have many vintage or “French” style shops or none that I have found on the Sunshine Coast I'm guessing there are probably some in Noosa but I rarely go there. So Bed Bath & Table is becoming a firm favourite.  Scored these last Thursday night.  I've been after a clock for the lounge room I know what I want but cant find it.  So I got this for the time being.


Love this it’s so cute


Have no idea what I'm going to do with this but it was $50 reduced to 19.95


Hope everyone had a great weekend


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Day In my Life- Monday

I enjoy reading these kind of posts so  I was inspired by Libby from Life is a Journey not a Destination to do one myself.  So here is my day.

Woke up at 5.50, Tony always makes a me a cup of tea, got up and did a quick tidy around the house and threw on some washing.  Woke the girls up at 7am, usually they are up at 6 and leave for the bus at 7 but Tess has been missing the early connection bus to Tafe so I have been driving them most mornings.  Made breakfast, Hash browns for Tess and a peach smoothie for me.  I prefer to use fresh fruit and didn't have any silken tofu which really makes it creamy and smooth but it was still nice.




Dishes done and we were out the door by 8am.  I don't get to drive much any more Tess has driven over 30 hours already (that’s with 3 driving lessons).



a self portrait by Lucy lol.  I dropped Lucy into town to meet up with her friends and then they walk to school.  I was able to talk Tess into going and getting me a coffee from Michelle’s while I minded Milly.

Dropped Tess off at Tafe.  Not the best photo I was taking a lot of these photo’s with Lucy’s camera as it is small.


On the way home I stopped at the post office, Mapleton doesn't have mail delivery lol. I'm glad I did because it was a good mail day.  My Jenni Bowlin monthly kit arrived oh my goodness such beautiful goodies.  If you DSC_2329

want to check out these kits you can here.  Enough procrastination I had a heap of bookwork to do.  It’s hot today so only last about an hour and decide to go for swim.  I let Milly into the pool yard as she doesn't like swimming and will run around the pool poor Fred cant come in because once he gets in the pool you cant get him out.  Every now and then Milly slips in and today was one of them.  She’s not happy

swim milly

After a swim I'm feeling peckish so had marinated tofu and a boiled egg.  Despite it’s appearance it was very nice.



Got a fair bit done but the heat got to me so back to the pool .  Time for lunch and doing some menu planning for the week.


menu plan

Pick Lucy up at 3pm then headed out to the fruit shop a 15 minute drive toward the coast.


There was no way I was taking a photo out of the car (that’s why I borrowed Lucy’s camera) there was a lady parked right in front of me that kept looking at me funny if she seen me taking photo’s I think she would have called the police lol. 


I had Lucy all lined up to take a photo of the fruit shop as I pulled up in front a rather large man stripped of his T shirt right in our way so this is the best she could do was the little sign on the front gate lol

We rushed back to Nambour to meet Tess at 4, she had a driving lesson and was being dropped off at the supermarket.  Lucy took this photo of Tess




Shopping done and this is what greeted us as we walked outside. It was only 5.15pm.


It poured down but Tess still wanted to drive I must admit I was nervous but she has to learn to drive in all conditions.  That’s it for photo’s got home, cooked dinner and had an early night (I don't watch tv but did watch Underbelly)  That was my day

Bye for now


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Life Rolls Along

I started this blog post a while ago.

It amazes me how quickly the weeks fly by It’s a bit scary really.  I haven't done anything interesting lately I had promised myself the last two weekends that I would get some craft time in but that didn't happen.  I'm definitely going to try in the next week or so.

All week we watched in horror as the massive cyclone Yasi made it’s way to North Queensland, one of our friends evacuated and another was going to wait it out, he owns a sugar cane farm I'm not sure how that held up. More flooding in Victoria and horrible bushfires in WA, what is going to happen next.

I dragged Tess down to the local park for some photos we compromised  she could drive if she let me take photos.  I like this tree it has interesting bark, I wish I could find the photos of the girls when they were young in front of this tree I wanted a then and now.



She has been driving a lot and is doing really well she has already done over 10 hours and that’s just short trips, she went to Texas this weekend I told her to do a fair bit of the driving to get her hours up.  She will have to tow the trailer (I'm not sure if she is even allowed to do that).

Then later   it was Lucy’s turn




I like this one, Tess was in the background being a pain in the rear and Lucy was giving her one of her drop dead looks.

I'm not sure if I mentioned before I'm doing Ali Edwards One little Word at Big Picture.  My word for the year is HEALTHY so what have I done to work toward being more Healthy.  I started Body Trim, it’s not a diet it just changes the way you eat.  We have always eaten well but I've been overweight for years, lack of exercise doesn't help nor did the way I ate carbs, lived on them.  Ate like a top athlete but didn't exercise like one lol.  Body Trim is high protein, low carbs so we didn't have to make huge adjustments just eat more protein and eat more often.  I'm never hungry and the foods is delicious .  I find Body Trim easy the only thing I struggle with is breakfast, I have never been a breakfast eater so I've been having this smoothie, I try not to have it every morning but it’s to die for.


It has a lot of things I don't like soy yoghurt, protein powder but mixed with silken tofu, strawberries, and lecithin it is seriously one of the nicest smoothies I have ever tasted and the great thing is you don't feel hungry for hours.

I also want to give up smoking so have started taking Champix I have been taking it for two weeks and today is my last day of smoking.  I'm not keen on the tablets as the make me fall asleep and it’s like I have morning sickness, something I rarely had when pregnant but I will keep taking them and see what happens.  Had a scare the other morning I had a tablet half an hour before I left to take Tess to Tafe she drove there and I was falling asleep in the passengers seat I dropped her and Lucy off and was driving home it’s a 15- 20 min drive I could hardly keep my eyes open and I said to myself pull over, then talked myself out of that. I was going through this rather winding cutting, next minute my eyes flew open and I'm heading towards the bush, squashed the guidepost with a really loud bang lucky I went that way and not the other way as there were three cars heading towards me.  I tell you THAT woke me up, so what did I learn when a medication leaflet says do not drive as it may cause drowsiness, take note because it may just be so.  Very little medication makes me tired I guess that’s why I didn't take much note.  It’s funny because Champix can cause sleeplessness, not on me it doesn't lol.

Anyway to finish off I thought I would share I project I finished a few weeks ago.  I have been meaning to make a bus destination board since last year.  Found the frame at the Op shop for $10, when ever I went to print the destinations I never had enough ink lol but it’s finally done.  I wish I had mixed up the fonts a bit more but I guess if it really annoys me I can print it again.  I saw a large canvas of these at a shop in Bangalow for $800.00.  You have got to be kidding me even the smaller ones are hundreds of dollars, just ridiculous.  I did consider stencilling onto a large canvas but I knew that it would never happen so it was quicker to print them.  I do live on the Sunshine Coast so I could have put the beaches but as I live in the hinterland I thought our bus service would be more appropriate as my girls use this bus all the time.  Not a good photo as the light was not good.


Bye for now