Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 7 Monday

Last day of a week in my life and unfortunately our last day away.



I woke up at 6.30 and was determined to do one more layout before we left.  It was quite chilly this morning Chris and Tess got up about 9.  We scrapped for a couple of hours then packed up our gear.    Chris modelled a costume that she was going to wear to work for a back into the olden days, sorry I cant remember what she called it but you get the idea.  She was hilarious as she did different poses for us.  Mr Burleigh arrived home from his weekend away, we kicked him out of his house all weekend and we left shortly afterwards.  It was a quick trip home compared to the one there and we only stopped once to get something to eat.  I arrived home to an empty house which was rather nice.  We had a fantastic couple of days but it was all over too quickly.

I have really enjoyed this project.  I don't think I took nearly enough photo’s especially of the girls, Tony and myself.  The girls are so over the camera now it’s really hard to take their photo’s .  Lets hope I can get this into an album in the next couple of weeks.

Day 6 Sunday

I didn't take a lot of photo’s today we were too busy scrapping or pretending to scrap.


Had a bit of a sleep in this morning went outside and it was quite foggy.  Scrapped all day, lot’s of laughs, a bit of singing and a bit of dancing.  Two of Chris’ friends came over in the afternoon,  Tess taught them how to stamp images onto candles and how to ink chipboard pieces.  We had a break to watch a couple of shows on TV and have dinner then it was back into it.  Tess managed to complete an entire album I was impressed.  I think I got to sleep about 3- 3.30am.

Day 5 Saturday



Woke up at 7.30 after a cooked breakfast of Bacon and eggs we drove to Maryborough to grab a few things.  Chris took us down to the river again and took us on a tour.  She knows a fair bit about the history of the area and I found it really interesting.

Chris then took us to the wealthier parts of Maryborough and showed us the beautiful old Queenslanders.   I fell in love about fifty times over, the houses were superb if it wasn't so hot here I would consider moving there.  There was so much to look at.

We then went to the supermarket and had some lunch there, the seafood crepes were very nice.  When we arrived back to Chris’ house at about 12.30pm,  Tess and Chris made some pumpkin soup and spag  bol, so dinner for the next two nights was sorted.  The only thing left to do was to scrap which we did until the early hours of Sunday morning.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 4 Friday

Day 4

The weekend couldn't come quick enough as I was heading off for a scrapping weekend with friends.

Up at 4.30, leave for work at 5am.  Fairly busy morning which went quickly I finished at 9.45.

Tess picked me up at 11.30 after a detour back to her house and to the petrol depot we headed off to Imbil to check out a unique scrapping shop, unfortunately it was no longer there but we had a browse through a secondhand store.    They had some nice things but I couldn't really concentrate as the owner kept talking  so in the end gave up.  We then went to the  cafe for lunch, it was really nice.  Tess had the Thai beef salad and I had quiche and salad.

We arrived in Gympie about 2.30 and stopped at a lovely park to take some pictures.  Then we ventured into the CBD  lots of nice old buildings to look at.  We found an antique shop called Daze gone by oh my goodness the stuff they had in there was gorgeous  I don't think the owner was real happy about taking photo’s in the store.  We spotted a church up on a hill and knew we had to go and have a look  unfortunately it was part of a catholic school and their were school children everywhere.  We didn't think it would be a great idea to sit outside the school taking photos. 

We arrived in Maryborough about 4pm and found our way to a park on the river.  Our friend Chris whose place we were staying at had to have a procedure done at hospital that afternoon and wouldn't be home until late so we were happy to roam around Maryborough taking in the sites.  That town has an amazing  history we spent a few hours and only walked around one block.

day 4b

With the light nearly gone we decided to have dinner at the Post Office Hotel.  We arrived at Chris’ about 7.30 unloaded the car and started to scrap.  Not sure what time we got to bed but it was late.


Day 3 Thursday



I love Thursdays as it’s my day off.  Unfortunately I still wake up early.  Up at 5.30 had a cuppa and got on the computer for a while.  Woke Lucy up at 6am.  As Thursday is the only school morning I'm home  I drive  Lucy to bus stop at 7am  but before she leaves we go to the local coffee shop, The Daily Grind.  She always gets a hot chocolate and I get a mocha.

Back home I do a couple of loads of washing then make up scrapping packs for my weekend away.  I also spend time preparing photo’s that I want to get printed.  Wake Tess up at 9 she needs to catch the bus into Nambour to catch the connecting bus to Sunshine Plaza , she is going shopping for the day.

Dinner in the crockpot, hoping to stretch it to two meals and start making chicken stock for the soup that I'm going to make later in the day.  Spend the rest of the day making up packs.

Tess is home and at 5pm we have to pick Lucy up from school.  Thursday afternoons she stays back to look after the miniature ponies at the ag farm.  This is the time when they exercise, groom and sometimes wash them.  We head to the shopping centre so I can get some photo’s printed and buy some food for Tony and the girls while I'm away.

We get home at about 7.30 we have some dinner then I pack some clothes and spend some time on the computer before going to bed at 11pm.

The weather today was overcast, showering in the morning but the sun was trying to come out for the rest of the day.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 2 Wednesday


Day 2

Up at 4.30am off to work , got home at 9.25am.  Still raining with heavy showers throughout the day.  We don't get mail delivery in Mapleton we have to go to the post office to collect our mail.  Tony received a very heavy trophy in the mail.  He is the AUSTRALIAN Prolite  Tri-series Champion .

Updated my blog, played a game for a while.  Cleaned the house, planned my menus for the remainder of the week.  4pm picked Tess up from bus depot in Nambour.  Left home at 5.5opm to take Tess to ballet lessons in Caloundra it’s a 40minute drive.  She has a two hour lesson so I stay in Caloundra  I dropped off some library books, grabbed a few groceries from Woolies and sat in the car and read a book.  Arrived home at 9.15pm.  Finished my book then watched some TV, bed about 1.30am.

A Week In My Life

I decided to take part in Ali Edwards  A week in life.  I started last Tuesday.  Here’s a few images from Tuesday.



Got up at 4.20 am, Left for work at 5.10am, arrived to work at 5.20am.  Busy day at the bakery  usual jobs such as making salad rolls, sorting out orders and slicing the loaves of bread.  Worked with Katie and Lana today.  Had a chat to the butchers from next door while I was having a break. 

Got home from work at 9.30am, greeted by Fred he was happy to see me. Drove Tess to Montville she had work at 11am. Caught up on some washing (I don't  have a clothes line so what doesn't go into the dryer has to go on the clothes horse on the verandah .

Had a heap of book work to catch up on so did that for the rest of the day, entered sales dockets and prepared some statements and paid some bills.  Picked Tess up at 3.45pm waited for the school bus in Mapleton and picked Lucy up

In the news  an 5.0 earthquake hit Kalgoorlie.  An inmate was charged for the murder of Carl Williams.  The weather today was overcast for most of the day with some sunny periods.  Temps 15 - 26

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Op Shop & Garage Sale Finds

Had a really busy week and haven't been doing anything interesting.  I thought I would share some treasures that I've found the last couple of months.  I've only been to two garage sales since Christmas.




The seller had a stack of silverware I wished I had grabbed some more they were so cheap.


This looks pretty ugly at the moment but with a coat of paint I think it will look fine.

stuff 4


I've seen these being made all over the net and this is what I intend to do with them but not using these bowls.


You get the idea lol.

I've also been buying lots of lamps most were $5.00 I haven't taken a photo of these as I have put them away until I have time to paint them.  I did get my hands on this one.


This lamp came from a muti million dollar house.  The furniture they had for sale was superb but  at $800 and upward was a touch out of my budget for the day. I also got  another large free standing lamp but I haven't got a photo of that one but it definitely needs a  coat of paint.  Back to the bookwork

Bye for now.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

These Kids Can Dance.

What a weekend.  We travelled to Bundaberg early Saturday morning and after a tour through various cane fields, dirt roads and into someone's farm we arrived at about 11.30.   I learnt two things that morning, don't go to sleep unless you are confident the driver knows where HE is going and 2. never totally rely on a GPS, they aren't always correct.  We were starving when we arrived so we found Sizzlers for a nice lunch then dropped Tess off for two hours of rehearsals.

It was so hot and humid in Bundy you wouldn't have believed it was Autumn.  After checking into our motel we drove around for a while  and headed for the beach.  Not to swim I didn't even think to pack swimmers but in hope there was a nice sea breeze.






After we picked Tess up we went back to our motel which thankfully had air conditioning and had a bit of a rest before dinner.  Tess went out with some friends to watch the girls from SCPAC dance.

We were up early the next day as we had to be to the  Moncrieffe Theatre  by 8am for an 8.30 start.  We were to spend the next 12 hours here, lucky for us, unlike Caloundra Civic Centre the seats were really comfortable.



In the morning sessions SCPAC had two teams entered in every section.  The girls and boys were amazing they won first place  in everything, then second or third.  This was the first eisteddfod we had attended since Tess started at Scpac and we were blown away.  The quality of their routines, the beautiful costumes and the talent were spectacular.  It was the most enjoyable eisteddfod that I have attended

When we had a lunch break Tony, Lucy and I went for a walk down the main street.  Bundy is an old town and still has some gorgeous old buildings not to mention the wide tree lined streets.

These photo’s were taken only over two blocks.


The Post Office.


The School of Arts building.









After lunch we had  a long long wait to see Tess perform again as she was in the very last section which didn't start until about 7pm.  Once again Scpac got first in all but one section that they entered.    Finally the last section Cabaret and Novelty section  Tess was in both the teams entered,  they performed The Gun from Chicago which I have never liked and still don't and Thriller.  This year Thriller got first and The Gun got second. I think it was the other way around last year lol.

I didn't take these photo’s a friend of Tess’ did.  Here are some of the kids dressed in their Thriller costumes.






SCPAC also took out the Best studio award.  The next eisteddfod is in about 4 weeks and I am really looking forward to seeing it.

Before I finish I thought I would add a few “Tessisms”  she always comes out with some hilarious things.  The first thing she said as we were driving around Bundaberg and happened to drive past the Bundaberg Rum Distillery (which I'm sure I helped their profit margins when I was younger lol) was “ I didn't know they made Bundaberg Rum in Bundaberg”

But the funniest was when the GPs was taking us on a tour of the cane fields, she was texting someone and piped up “ Mum how do you spell GPS”  Tony and I looked at each other and burst into laughter, then the penny dropped for her, it’s a good thing she can laugh at herself.

Bye for now


Friday, April 9, 2010

Busy Times

After a very relaxing five days off over Easter we are back into the swing of things.  We have our first dance eisteddfod this weekend in Bundaberg,  I'm extremely thankful that Tess isn't doing any solo’s this year.  All of her group dances are held on Sunday starting at 8.30 going well into the evening .  I am really looking forward to it as this is the first eisteddfod  Tess has performed in at her new dance school.

I've had a cold this week so the first few days were a right off Tess had to work every day except Thursday. Yesterday Tess had to get a spray  tan I really don't think she needed it but all the girls had to get one. We needed to get sequins, makeup and a few other bits and pieces .  Naughty us still had two costumes to organise, we had picked one costume but weren't happy with it.  We found a dress at Salvo’s for $6.50 and this is what we did with it.


This costume is for Thriller and she is a corpse so we had to grunge up the dress.  We thought we had finished it but it needs to look dirtier.


 I got the black paint out and added more then we added black tulle ,  it looks much better now.

Tess is really enjoying work or I should say she is really enjoying the money she’s making.  She works here.




We called in for a coffee this afternoon and she made Lucy an iced chocolate. I must say the mocha she made me was delicious.



Just want to share a few random photo’s from the last few weeks.

Lucy and Fred

Lucy has been out to our friends dog kennels again over the holidays.  She now has a few miniature ponies to help look after too.


I'm starting to feel old we have known Christy since she was 5 years old, she turned 18 in December and just got her P’s.  She loves her new car.




Bye for now


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Easter

Just popped in to say Hi.  I will be back after the 4th as we are currently on dial up speed at the moment and it’s frustrating me no end so I haven't been on the computer much the last couple of days.  I hope everyone has a happy Easter, I have five days off which will be really nice.  Tony and Lucy are going camping at Kenilworth Homestead while Tess and I are staying home.  Tess has dancing rehearsals on Saturday and has to work on Monday.  I hope to get heaps of crafting done over the break.  To those that are travelling drive safely

Bye for now