Sunday, February 26, 2017


Playing along here today I just discovered this blog tonight Im looking forward to go and explore a bit further.  The theme is reflections and I noticed the reflection of the Eiffel Tower in a bus window.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Day Trip to Brisbane

The girls and I felt like getting away from the Coast for the day so decided to head for Brisbane.   We arrived at Southbank at about 10.30am and walked to the city.

The girls wanted to check out a few shops but the first stop was Grill'd for lunch.  I had the new Flourish & Nourish Burger it was really nice

Love going to Lush
Makeup was definitely on the agenda 

We had a quick visit to the Museum and the Art Gallery  I had to laugh at Tess trying to work out the meaning of these paintings.

We finished off our day with a  stroll around the markets at Southbank and a  coffee at Max Brenners which was really nice

Even at 19 it's still difficult to get a photo of her without her pulling a face

Its really lovely to spend a day out with the girls unfortunately we don't have as much time as we used to.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

I'm In. Week In the Life

I think it's time to join the land of blogging again.  Im not sure if anyone still comes here for a visit but I do know if I don't write stuff down I really do forget it.  A perfect time to start again is with Ali Edward's Week In the Life project I have attempted to do this the last couple of years and I always have the best intentions I take plenty of photos but never seem to complete the albums so I have a few incomplete albums laying around the place  This year my whole outlook to memory keeping is to keep it simple.  I just want stuff done.

  A week in the life officially is going to run from the 17th to the 23rd but really you can do it anytime you wish.  This year I pre ordered the kit and Im so glad I did not only do I really like it I don't have to worry about getting supplies together.  I really enjoy the process of this project so Im hoping, no I will get this project finished this year.  Bye for now  Jackie  

Monday, October 27, 2014

Im Back

I cannot believe I haven't been to my little space for almost 12 months I have popped in here to catch up with some of my favourite blogs but that's it.  I don't know why I stopped blogging I missed it and I find blogging is a great way to jog my memory of what I did when especially when it comes to catching up with project life which I seem to always be doing.
Ive had a great year so far with lots I would like to share but I don't want to bore you with it.   I will document my recent holiday and I would like to record A week in my life, the remainder of my 2014 Project Life and my December Daily and the other goings on in my life.  Hope I still have some people that visit here.  It's good to be back.

 This was the view from my room 

The hotel in the middle with the brown awnings was my home for ten days.

Bye for now

Saturday, November 23, 2013


On the 29th of January 2002 I walked a painfully shy little girl into her Grade 1 classroom at Mapleton State School. 

IMG 5819

IMG 5821

Last Friday the 15th of November she finally walked out of Nambour State High School for ever.  It feels so strange that we are finished with school it's going to take a while to get used to. I wasn't able to get a last day photo as I was in Sydney but this is one Lucy took

IMG 5790

It's tradition for Sunshine Coast students to go to the beach on walkout day and go into the surf in their uniforms on, this is the girls on their way to the beach.


The last week of school was a busy one with graduation and the Formal

DSC 5825

Lucy on stage after receiving her certificate

Formal day was a touch more stressful  I went to the gym at 6.30 then straight after my session Lucy and I had to go to school for a couple of hours  we were there from 8 to 12 she had a few things to complete and a farewell morning tea to attend.  The hair and makeup appointment was at 1.30 then with not much time to spare had to come home get dressed then drive out to her friends house get into their car and drive to Mooloolaba for photos before arriving at the formal by 5.30.

IMG 5687

IMG 5697


IMG 5704


DSC 5926 2


DSC 5936

DSC 5941 2

DSC 5963 2

Sunday, October 13, 2013

What we did in September

Isn't the year flying I really can't keep up.  September was another busy month.  One of the highlights of the months was two days of lessons with the wonderful Donna Downey, she is one of the most delightful people Ive ever met and she is so talented.  The classes were so enjoyable I don't consider myself arty in any way but three of the projects were finished and the fourth was an art journal so it was ongoing   We attended the classes at Joybells in Landsborough  Joy is amazing and is able to get some top rated teachers to come to the Sunshine Coast to teach us lucky girls.

IMG 5017  

IMG 5022

IMG 5029


IMG 5056

IMG 5060

Last month I attended an organic veggie gardening workshop with Lizzie Moult from and Gary from Kookaburra Organics  loved every minute of it so I eventually got my veggie garden started.  They suggested we use mushroom compost from one of the mushroom farms here on the coast so I tracked some down and we were told to make sure we were there early we got there the first Saturday at 6.20am and they had sold out, the next Saturday we arrived at 5.45am and they weren't selling that day, needless to say we still haven't gotten any from that farm we went to another mushroom farm and they had plenty but it didn't seem as fresh. Anyway I have one small  garden which is a start. I planted some lettuce Kale and beans I have some heirloom tomato seeds that I have to plant.  On the 7th of September Tony, Lucy and I went to the Maleny Real Food Festival,  I love this festival we are so lucky to live in an area that has the best farmers producing the most spectacular fresh food.  This festival has everything  and it's a delight to go to.

IMG 5076

IMG 5075

IMG 5077

IMG 5079


IMG 5084

Oh my goodness this honey was divine and was the zucchini pickles and I also picked up this cute apron.

IMG 5082

I participated in Ali Edwards from A week in the life.  I have started putting the album together but as usual haven't finished it yet.  I do love this project and Im also looking forward to the December Daily Album.

DSC 5433

Just because she's cute if you look at her nose there are bits missing she hates other dogs and every chance she gets she has a go at this big dog called Bob he is in his yard behind his gate , they usually just make a lot of noise.  This day Milly stuck her nose in a bit too far and he bit it, totally her fault and she hasn't done it since, she really suffers from little dog syndrome.  One of my biggies this month is that I joined a gym, I really don't like exercise  I used to play a lot of sport when I was younger but once I left the army and had children it all went to the way side.  I had been walking the past few weeks but I felt I needed more and a bit of structure,  I think Ive been there about four or five weeks so far.  Its a good gym I haven't for a minute felt uncomfortable, you know how some gyms are.

IMG 5124

IMG 5280

This has become my second home.  

My football team made it to the final series and won the minor premiership   Go the Roosters

1236771 622060741172058 1619619433 n

IMG 5205

Tess got a new tattoo no I don't like them but she's 20 and it's her decision at least they are fairly tasteful and hidden except for this one which was small birds it was rather cute.  She asks me to go with her in case she faints and can't drive home like when she past out at the piercing shop.  Lucy had exam block so want at school a great deal throughout the month. Of course Nanny turned 101 years old.I finally got to go to It's Rawsome  which is at 522 Petrie Creek Rd Rosemount,it is a raw vegan cafe I have been trying to get there for a year surprisingly it was Tony who came with me not Tess and surprisingly he really enjoyed it.

IMG 5368

Tony's always on the phone  I can't remember what Tony had a burger of sorts, could have been a chickpea patty but I had beetroot ravioli with cashew cream, absolutely divine but dessert was even better Tony had a the hazelnut cheesecake mine was a Banoffee pie.  Superb .

IMG 5369

IMG 5371

IMG 5373

Tony and I had two days at the Gold Coast to meet up with an old army friend of Tonys, we had a great time, staying at a lovely resort Peppers

IMG 5425

IMG 5454

DSC 5645

DSC 5578

The view from our balcony

DSC 5579


All we seemed to do was eat as soon as we arrived we found a cute little coffee shop then went onto a pub for lunch which was excellent.  The lovely surprise was dinner, not being overly hungry and wanting to leave room for dessert we ended up at a cuban restaurant which was right near Peppers, I can't remember the name of it but the food was so lovely.  Sorry about the not so good photo's I only took them with my phone.  Im going to have to find some cuban recipes.

IMG 5433


After dinner we went to Max Brenner OMG this was amazing and so so delicious.


IMG 5440




IMG 5441

IMG 5443

Tony and I woke up early  so we went back to the cuban restaurant for breakfast then a walk along the beach.  

DSC 5618

DSC 5625

DSC 5621

The weather had been horrible the day and especially the night before it was starting to clear so the day ended up hot and humid.  We checked out of our room and met up again with Tony's friend and then went over to Pacific fair for some shopping  We had yum cha at a chinese restaurant it was different and it was the least enjoyable meal of the trip.  We left the Gold Coast at about 2pm and headed home.  I headed straight to the gym to work off all that wonderful food which I think Im still paying for.

Lucy wanted to go and stay with my parents over the school holidays so we met them halfway it was Grandma's birthday, I should have taken  photo inside as it was really windy and very sunny

IMG 5467

After we left Tess and I called in for a quick visit to Ikea, we just wanted to get a couple of LITTLE storage items

IMG 5486

Lucky we drove the 4WD and I had been after an outside table for ages.  

The last week of September was spent painting our bedroom, it used to be Lucy's room  I do love the colour but wanted an all white room, silly me decided to paint our furniture to which I still have to do yet.  I painted the bedside tables but still have to do the four poster bed and the dressing table.  I don't have an after photo yet but Im really happy with it

IMG 5501

IMG 5502

After the first coat Tony didn't like the gaps in the vj's as you can see below yes I know that sounds stupid so he fill them and it looks so much better

IMG 5504


Anyway that was our September.

Bye for now