Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Izzy

This gorgeous girl turns 14 today.  I hope you had a fantastic day.


I would just like one full day at home

When I put in for my holidays I made the mistake of not checking when Tess was dancing over the holidays I have not had a day home since last Tuesday.  Nothings close on the coast everything is spread out.  A trip to drop Tess to dancing is an hour and a half then you have to go and pick her up after a few hours.  Then there’s dropping the girls at their friends places, they are scattered from one end of the coast to the other.

I'm not leaving the house tomorrow, well I have nothing planned lol.    So what have we been up to.  Lucy came home from Wagga on Tuesday so I had to drive to Brisbane airport to pick her up.  It would be great if she could fly to the Sunshine Coast but to do that they fly from Canberra to Melbourne then back up to Maroochy airport.  There are flights from Wagga to Sydney then to the coast but Lucy’s a bit young to be changing flights , god knows where she would end up lol.  She had a wonderful holiday but was glad to get home.

I did manage to get my pantry cleaned out it was driving me nuts.  I used to have  a huge pantry, we live in an old house and the pantry was where the old stove used to sit in the kitchen and it jutted out the side of the house.  When we renovated the kitchen they covered it up and cut if off the side of the house I wished we hadn't done that now but there is no going back lol.  So my pantry is squashed into four shelves and has had no door on it for years.  I should have sewn a curtain for it or something but it was one thing I just didn't  get around to.  When we got new bench tops done we asked the guy to make us a door but that never happened but the good news is we now have a door for it, the bad news is it’s still not on.  This may take years lol.






Tony turned 43 yesterday but as he left for Sydney at 2am yesterday morning we celebrated his birthday with his family on Friday night.  We decided to go to the Maroochy RSL it was quite nice .  The photo’s aren't the best but that’s life lol.


Tony and his brother Eric.


Tony’s brother Michael and his son Mickey.

Kym and Mick

Mickey and Kym.


Sonja and Linda


Norton and Simone

Norton and his girlfriend Simone.


This little cutie is Amylia (Amelia)  she is Jaylene’s daughter.  Amylia was spending some time with Linda,Eric and Uncle Norton.  We were sitting next to the stage and she was dancing all night it was so funny to watch.

After I picked Tess up from dancing on Saturday evening I just had to stop and take these photo’s


Looking out toward the Glasshouse Mountains.


Today the girls went ice skating at The Caloundra Roller dome usually it’s just for skating but they turned it into an ice skating rink for a month and a half.  My photo’s are terrible they never work out here lol.


Skating Lucy, Matt, Tess and Alishya


Yes she now has brown hair

skating 5

I did take a stack of photo’s but none of them worked .  After skating we went to Officeworks and did the school shopping I'm so glad we went as it would have meant another trip into town tomorrow.  I have five days left of my holidays so I really hope I get to stay at home a bit more, unlikely as Ballet starts tomorrow and Tess has a pretty full on timetable this year.  She has dancing every night except Friday and Sunday nights.  Roll on Easter lol.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Good Weekend

Why does the weekend always go so quickly?  I hope everyone had a good one.  I had a productive weekend  I managed a bit of scrapping, finished up some furniture and finally got it into the house and finally got through the biggest pile of towels that needed washing.

Late this afternoon we decided to go to the beach and have dinner there.  It was quite breezy on the beach which was a lovely respite after a hot day.


We took Fred with us as he loves to swim.











Old woman's island 1






last swim 

We decided to get some fish and chips and stop at Bli Bli Park that sits next to the Maroochy River a lovely end to a lovely afternoon. 

Friday, January 15, 2010

Why do I listen to my Mother?


I do say this in the nicest possible way and I'm sure she wont be offended.  I was talking to her on the phone the other day and mentioned that I was going to the cemetery to take some photo’s.  As you can see our cemetery  is located on a really lonely dirt road surrounded by National Park and bush land.  It’s very isolated.




She is cautious by nature and said oh be careful you never know who is hanging around.  I said the obligatory yes of course , when in actual fact it went in one ear and straight out the other.

I had to drop Tess and her friend off at his house which is further down the road past the cemetery and I mentioned that when they drove back past if my car was there but they couldn't see me to stop (okay some of what she said must of sank in lol).  Anyway I was in the far corner of the cemetery and I turned around and saw a very sweaty man with only very tight bike pants on,   not a good look lol. Great I thought if he’s a perv I cant outrun him , he looked too  fit, he didn't stay long and went back to the national park.  Five – ten minutes I had finished when I noticed he was coming back, fortunately I was just getting in the car.  Poor bloke was probably only having a look around after his run through the forest.   My mother is making me paranoid.

I've lived in Mapleton for 14 years and that was my first visit to the cemetery  I was saddened and angry by what I saw.  It’s quite run down and not maintained very well at all.  I realise that the graves are the families responsibility there were so many dead flowers and such sitting on the graves , on the wall  there were so many dead flowers stuck in the plaques if it wasn't for the man in bike pants I probably would have taken some of them off.  It could be a lovely cemetery it’s in such a peaceful bush setting I think the people buried there deserve better than that.  Up until recently we were governed by the Maroochy Shire Council a lot of money got spent on the coastal towns and Montville.  Mapleton gets a few upgrades but it appears we are the neglected cousins.  We are now run by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council as all three councils were amalgamated. For years the hinterland  people have been trying to get their own council but since Peter Beatty decided to abolish a lot of local councils that seems an impossible dream.  We do have a great local councillor and I'm going to write him a letter. 


There were several gravesites like this, there is ferns everywhere then you would see a little cutting and there was a headstone, rather peaceful under a large tree.



I find cemetery’s fascinating the older the better you can learn so much and usually I can spend hours reading the headstones.





If you want to see my photo of the day you can go  HERE

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another Week Gone By

We had a pretty quiet week this week, not a lot happening here.

We said goodbye to Lucy who has gone on holidays to Wagga with grandma and grandpa for two weeks.  This was the first time I've not been able to go to the airport with them.

Today we filled a small skip bin full of stuff from the shed and under the house.  It’s funny we own the skip bin business but can never get a skip bin to the house as they are always out on jobs, which is a good thing although somewhat frustrating when you want to have a good clean up.  Maybe I should book one in for myself.  I'm starting on the house this week  lot’s of cupboards to cleanout.  I love decluttering sessions.

Yesterday we went to Kenilworth to watch Tony’s nephew Mickey ride in his new bike.  Mick’s just started riding again after breaking his wrist,  he had to take it easy as it was still sore.  He is one talented rider as all the boys in that family were.  Tony has held numerous state (NSW and QLD) titles in various forms of the sport and only gave up riding for good a few years ago.  Mickey is only 17 (just) and will certainly be one to watch in motocross.










DSCF3679 She doesn't really seem interested does she lol.  She was amazed that she could get reception out here.

Only three days to go and I'm on holidays.

Bye for now


Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Challenge

I've decided I'm going to join Megan from The Byron Life in taking a photo everyday for the next 12 months.  I didn't do so well with this last year but we will see how I go.  Megan has started a new blog here she really does take lovely pictures. 

I've also started a new blog just for this project.  You can find my  A Year of My Life here.  Feel free to join in, no pressure if you cant do it just do what you can.

I got a lovely package in the mail today.  While I was at my sister’s she showed me some beautiful scented candles that she has so when I got home from her place I ordered some.  They only took five working days to get here , most impressive considering this time of year.




They are the Glasshouse range by  Candelabra their range of scents are exquisite   I have been burning the vanilla caramel all day and the house smells gorgeous.

Best thing is they are Australian made.

Bye for now


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Out and About

I hope everyone had a good new years eve.   I decided to stay home , Tony and Lucy went to a function at Yandina and Tess braved the crowds at Mooloolaba.

On the 29th of December we went out to dinner with Tony’s sister Jenny , his niece Mel and her boyfriend Clint.  We went to Trader Dukes at Maroochydore also with Sonja and Mick and his family it’s always a good meal there and that night was no exception.


Tess, Jenny and Mel


Mel and Clint


Tony had the Barra and garlic prawns


Mine doesn't look as nearly as nice as Tony’s but my Seafood Risotto was delicious .

On the 1st of Jan we went camping at Borumba Deer Park at Imbil which is not far from Borumba Dam.  It was nice enough but I'm not much of a camper and found it so sticky and humid and the creek needed a good flush out so I didn't go swimming.  Yes I would go there again. Maybe not at this time of year.  We went with our good friends Laurie, Janelle , Tait, Helen and Kiwi.


Home for a few days our camper trailer is parked under the tarp on the right, it’s very comfortable.


Tony in relax mode.

We decided to go to Borumba Dam for a swim and a spot of fishing.  They have a really nice camping ground here so we may camp there next time.


Bryce and Lucy


DSCF3419 Tess is such a girl lol, she is reluctantly holding a dead crayfish.



DSCF3431  Helen and Kiwi





Off they go to see if they can catch some fish.  They didn't lol


Janelle, Tait, Laurie and Tony.



Dam Wall

It was back to the Deer Park for lunch and the kids found a kayak and an air bed and hit the water again.  These photo’s were taken late in the day so they aren't that good.



This is how not to get into a kayak.




We always eat well went we camp.  Friday night we had fish that Tony had wrapped up in foil with shallots and lemon.  Very yummy.  Tony loves cooking roasts in the camp oven and is very good at it (He cooks them in an oven bag).  It doesn't look the best but it was delicious.  Helen cooked all the veggies, roast pumpkin and potatoes etc.  We even had gravy.  One of our friends who unfortunately couldn't join us this time does a wicked cake in the camp oven.


Glad we came back early this morning as it has rained and stormed for most of the day. I think this will be our last camping trip for a while until Lucy and I drive to Alice Springs in June.  We are gathering more people to travel with so it might turn out a really fun trip.   Back to work tomorrow and it’s only 11 days until I have two weeks off.

Bye for now