Friday, January 4, 2013

Project Life- 31st Dec

Well I did it, I finished Project Life and am so pleased that I did.  I did have my doubts at one stage when I was ten weeks behind but I just bit the bullet and did it.  Looking back it’s such a big project but do it weekly and it’s so manageable.  Here’s the last page.


Looking forward to starting 2013 which should arrive here next week, that's exciting.

Project Life–Week 52


Week 52


Week 52a

Week 52b

Project Life–Week 51


Week 51

Week 51a

Week 51b

Project Life-Week 50


Week 50


Week 50a


Week 50b


Week 50c

Project Life-Week 49


Week 49


Week 49a


Week 49b

Project Life-Week


Week 48

Week 48b

Week 48a

Project Life–Week 47


Week 47


Week 47a


Week 47b

Project Life–Week 46


Week 46


Week 46a


Week 46b

Project Life–Week 45


Week 45

Week 45a

Week 45b

Week 45c