Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Day At the Zoo


Australia Zoo that is,  I haven't been there for years and it’s still very impressive.   What I love about it is it’s so clean and the animals are so well looked after, the Sunshine Coast is so lucky to have this wonderful attraction. I remember first going there back in 1996 it was so small compared to what it is today.


When I used to work the early shift at the bakery the old men would gather outside in the car park and stand there and talk for 30-60minutes nearly every day, these guys on the rock just reminded me of that.


Love the otters, I could just stand and watch them for hours they are so entertaining.








The girls were waiting in line for their turn when Tess saw the Koala poo on the girl that was nursing him so when it came to their turn she promptly made Lucy hold the koala, not that Lucy minded at all.


The Irwins.


death roll

The croc in the throes of a death roll.


I would be running too.





That feels soooooo good.




This little one had an itch that just wouldn't quit .


A little Tasmanian Devil.


A gorgeous dingo, just love them.






The tigers were hard to photograph as they were behind glass or thick perspex. As you can imagine I took hundreds of photos, haven't even touched on the birds    It was pretty yucky weather but we had a great day.

Fashionista? I don't think so.

fashion queen

We were very grateful for these raincoats.

That’s it for now


Monday, May 23, 2011

Your Invited to Lunch- Don't look if you are squeamish

I was on the computer listening to the birds outside when I heard something fall out of the tree and hitting the ground.  Thinking it was a branch, ignored it,  Milly was out side pacing back and forth and making a funny noise.  Time to go out and investigate and this is what I found.


You can see the snake’s mouth, this was not a small possum.  I will just add the possum was dead when they hit the ground. My neighbours and I stood and watched for almost an hour it was fascinating.


Look how wide that mouth has become. (below)





I took about 200 photo’s but this one below is my favourite all done but for the tail.


last bit

All gone, then the snake stayed in the one spot for about 30mins then very slowly went on his way.  I was able to get about a metre away as this snake was so full it wasn't going anywhere for a while.

Something nicer to finish this post off with


Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'm Back


I cant believe I haven't posted since the end of February , I do have a reason not a very good one but one anyway.  I really haven't done anything worth blogging about, same old same old but the reason for feeling like this I'm convinced its the Champix tablets that I have been taking to give up smoking.  I'm still not smoking it’s been 13 long long weeks. I wouldn't call myself a non smoker, far from that, I'm a smoker who is dying to have a cigarette but wont.  I find I walk slowly through the plumes of smoke where the smokers gather outside shopping centres etc. and I take in the deepest breaths I can.  I had a friend come over yesterday and she kept moving away from me, please stay nearby I was thinking.  How long is this going to go on for?  Anyway I would never have stopped smoking without the tablets but they really did my head in.  I've had no motivation what so ever to do anything so as a result I'm behind with everything . It was like having “baby brain” as I wrote in an earlier post at first they made me fall asleep  while I was driving, then after a while I wasn't sleeping at all.    One weekend I was paying a rather large bill and put the money into an account that didn't exist and then found that the bank staff didn't work on Saturdays (which was advertised that they did) I think it was a long weekend.  So I had an anxious wait until I could contact the bank and let them know what happened.  Oh it should be back into your account in a couple of days but if not phone us on Thursday or Friday, lucky for me it appeared three days later.  The most stupid thing I did was stop taking the tablets three weeks ago.  I didn't even give it a thought that I would be giving up the tablets cold turkey, dumb dumb dumb, told you my mind wasn't in a good place. I had a good week last week so I might be getting back to normal I am craving a bit more than I was but I will get over it.  The good thing is my mind is much more with it.


The other exciting thing is my girl turned 18, I'm seriously too young to have an 18 year old.  So we had breakfast with her and some of her friends, then sent them on their way to the Gold Coast for the weekend.  The funny thing is that Tess wanted Tony and I to go with her but we thought the kids would cramp our style and to be honest my clubbing days are well and truly over.


They stayed at the The Towers of Chevron Renaissance     which was a really good price $350 for a two bedroom apartment for two nights, Tess said it was lovely it was right in town close to the shops and nightclubs.  Then on the Saturday night we had booked them with a limo tour, well it was actually a stretched hummer.   I was really happy with this, they were taken to various nightclubs around the coast, when they arrived they were escorted into VIP areas and had security with them all night.  Tess only took three of her friends but she said the group below were a lot of fun, they were all in the hummer together.  The cost of this was $120 per person



She had such a good time, she doesn't look 18 does she :)