Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Exercise, It should be a dirty word



My body was getting ready to evict me.   In my younger days I was always sporty, swimming and softball in the summer.  Hockey in the winter, throw into that basketball, swimming training nearly every weekday and aerobics several times a week.  Then I joined the army, off we would go on 3 and 5 km runs, forced marches through the streets of Mosman in our gas gear or with backpacks and boots (sidenote my army boots once worn in were the most comfortable shoes that I have ever owned)  I would shake my head in disbelief some of the girls who were doing recruit training how unfit they were and how easily they would give up on a run.  Which would require us to turn around and get them.  That was easy for me as I had wanted to join the army since I was 13 years old and my neighbour who had joined told me to make sure I was fit when I started basic training.

The army had a  fantastic social life once you got posted to your unit, cheap alcohol and lots of parties.  We would get to work at 6.30am just in time for our run.  You could tell who went out the night before as they would be the ones to fall out and be throwing up on the side of the road.  If truth be know a lot of the time we would not get home until 5.30am from the nightclubs time for a quick shower then straight to work.  The army not known for its imagination and was predictable offered running  and touch football with volleyball thrown in every now and then.  I hated running and absolutely hated touch football.  If you played you were definitely in our CO’s good books.  I definitely was not in his good books especially after I roughly touched him and sent him to hospital.  Actually it was more like a shoulder charge of which I was very proud I really didn't like the man, he was such a jerk. 

As the years went by I got overweight and very unfit.  A few months ago I just wasn't feeling good at all and thought it was time to go to the doctors for a check up.  My blood sugar levels were borderline, I was still anaemic but my cholesterol was good.  I had reached a very heavy weight , my feet and ankles pained all the time, I suffered more headaches than usual, my back hurt all the time, I really felt that my body was falling apart.

We have always eaten fairly healthy foods and didn't often have junk or processed food in the house but I didn't exercise.  I had come across Cyndi O’Meara’s website Changing Habits at the beginning of the year and started on her 21 day healthy eating plan.  I then started really getting interested in wholefoods etc.  I had read Heather’s beautiful blog Beauty that moves  for years and did her wholesome food workshop, she also offers a vegan workshop which I would like to do down the track.  I found some wonderful healthy eating blogs you can see some in my sidebar  I also read David Gillespie’s books Sweet Poison and The Sweet Poison Quit Plan  His website is here.

We were eating better than we had ever eaten before but without exercise my weight stayed the same, then I started hearing and reading about Cyndi O'Meara's  HCG Protocol.  So I bit the bullet, got the drops and started the plan.  The results were immediate and incredible, I lost 17kgs in 46days and have kept it off.  I started round 2 without my success but that was my fault my mindset wasn't right at the time,.  We had a lot of functions on and it was all too hard this time.  I still lost a bit more weight and stopped the drops after twenty something days.  You have to have a break between drops if you don't they don't work so I will start again after Christmas and I've still maintained my weight loss.  I had the pleasure of meeting Cyndi at the Real Food Festival in Maleny a few weeks ago.  What a lovely lady she is, she was so busy and with so many people around she gave me ten minutes of her time and we chatted about the Protocol she is so inspirational.  I'm really excited about going on it again.

Cindi O'Meara

I went back to my doctor who was sceptical about the HCG Protocol to get another blood test, he was astounded by the results and was very happy, however suggested that I really need to start exercising, I tried to show some enthusiasm I really did.  I didn't need to buy new shoes I had those from the beginning of the year and had only worn them twice.

new shoes

So I begrudgingly started to walk,  I really don't like it, I'm waiting for that euphoric feeling that’s going to wash over my body and tell me “ wow I feel so great after I exercise”, well I don't.  I've been walking for two weeks now only missing two or three days, everything aches, is it possible after twenty years of being out of the army old injuries are reappearing.  My knees ache, the top of my right foot hurts, last night it was my calf muscle, I'm sure I'm not imagining these.  I must admit I'm not puffing up that last little hill before home.  Last Friday Tony and I went early to wait for Lucy at the PCYC so we walked around the oval 7 times I had been up early that morning but that night I was exhausted I haven't been that tired for ages it was a body tired I think I ended up in bed at 9pm that’s so not me.

Walking regularly posed another problem, clothing.  Apart from my shoes I had nothing to exercise in,   I was walking in my denim three quarter pants but the problem there was I have dropped two sizes and you cant wear them with a belt so they kept falling down. I only owned three pairs of socks and no T Shirts.  So yesterday I did the unthinkable I bought two pairs of leggings as well as socks and some T Shirts.  Oh my goodness, I have never worn leggings and will only wear them in the dark as I do not want people seeing my jiggly bits, lucky we walk at night.  I also bought some trousers and will get rid of the large pants and jeans.


Plenty of socks now.

My family's been fantastic, they are so supportive.  Tony walks with me most nights and Tess well she is like the food nazi.  God help me if I go to eat the wrong thing but the great thing is how aware she is becoming about food.  Lucy well she’s supportive just don't give her anything healthy to eat I didn't tell her the chocolate brownies were made from dates the other day.  Tess and I sometimes walk along the Maroochy River which is lovely of a morning then we go to our new favourite haunt for breakfast.  We found a wonderful cafe called Husk and Honey  in Nambour, it serves gluten free food and it is delicious,  I had been trying to get Tess to eat there for years but she never would then one day I asked her again and she did and loved it. We eat there once or twice a week.

Anyway better get moving I have  busy day

Bye for now


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fabulous Weekend


The weekend has come and gone and it’s back to reality, I really wish I was still there.  We got up on Friday morning at 3am to catch a 6.30 flight.  I'm glad Tony was wide awake for the hour drive to  Brisbane because I felt barely conscious.  We had to drop our car off at 5am then they drove the ten minute drive to the airport and had us there by 5.20 it was great no stress and plenty of time to check in before boarding at 6am.  I don't do early mornings very well which is funny considering I had a job that required me to be at work by 5.30 for four years.


Sunrise at Brisbane airport.

The flight was uneventful and we landed at Proserpine airport just before 8am then whisked off on a bus to Abel Point Marina at Airlie Beach where we were able to grab some coffee before the ferry was due at 10am.  It only took about 25 minutes to get to Daydream.


Welcome to Daydream Island. The island is only a kilometre long and about 500 metres wide with a tiny hill in the middle.  We were lucky that our room was ready and we were able to check in straight away.  We went and found Tony’s brothers and sat by the pool just swimming ,drinking and having lunch until 1.30.  Then it was time to get ready for Mel and Clint’s wedding.  The wedding was at Lovers cove which is a little beach with a wooden deck over looking the water and islands.


Tony’s mum Sonja, niece Fauve, sister in law Karen and niece Jana.

I have two hoods for my lens and  both have gone missing so I really struggled taking photos at the wedding which was disappointing as the glare was so bad.  I'm hoping to be able to do something with the photos in Photoshop but this couple were the cutest couple there apart from the bride and groom.


Nephew Norton and his girlfriend Portia.


My sister in law Jenny (in the orange dress), nephew Sam and brother in law Mick.



Niece Jaylene, her partner Shane and daughter Amelia


The beautiful bride and her dad Peter


Mel’s sister Jess was bridesmaid.



It was a gorgeous wedding, relaxed yet very elegant I loved the dresses and the location it was one of the more enjoyable weddings that I've been to.

Double trouble Tony and Sam





The reception area which overlooked another beach, pier and islands.  It was so beautiful, food was superb especially the pavlova it was the best I've ever tasted I knew not to eat it but I did and as a result was back to my room by 10.30pm with a really bad headache and woke up at 3 in the morning with a migraine.  No more photos from the night as they show bad behaviour and I think the worse behaved were the Uncles, need I say more.  Lets just say they were rather amusing.

Next morning was off to a bit of a slow start, I swear I drank the least and I think I felt the worse, hardly fair is it.  Once the headache dimmed and after breakfast we went back to Lover’s cove as Tony wanted to do some snorkelling. The rest of the day was spent walking around exploring, an afternoon sleep then dinner. 



It was too much for some.

Now dinner deserves its own post.  Oh my goodness I really thought I’d died and gone to heaven.  We decided to go to the seafood buffet and it didn't disappoint.  I had Lobster, crab, prawns, bugs, muscles and oysters and then there were wonderful salads and hot food as well. I'm salivating just at the thought of it again.


This photo isn't the best as it was taken on the I phone.  This was plate number one I hate to admit but I went back four times, the lobster was my favourite.

Sunday was our last day so we were up early for breakfast, fresh fruit, bircher muesli and pancakes to start the day.  We said Goodbye to some then the rest of us went down to the Daydream village to hang beside the pool for a couple of hours before we had to leave at 1.50pm.



Little Slater, Jess’ son


Slater with his dad, Shawn


Time to go, I don't think I want to.


After the most exquisite weather we were heading towards this



Just about to land in Brisbane


We arrived home at 5.30 just in time to listen to the Grand Final.  It was lovely to be home and the house was lovely and tidy, Tess even managed to get Lucy to clean her room.  This is what the weather was like here on the coast yesterday, wet and cold.  Welcome back to the Sunshine Coast.



Would I go there again?  Most definitely however it is so expensive especially food and drinks and there are no facilities for you to take your own food and drink, if you could sneak alcohol in do it.  I would only go there in winter but that’s just me I hate humidity.  Be prepared to queue they don't have enough staff on anywhere.  For some reason we were booked on the wrong ferry and missed the connecting bus to the airport although the girl at reception recommended we go on the ferry that we did we had to fork out another $94 in taxi fees (we had already paid for the bus back to the airport) I have spoken to a manager on the island and at the moment am waiting for him to phone me today.  There is a lot of buck passing between the reservation office (which made the first mistake they had us leaving on Saturday) and the Island but it will get sorted.  Beside that we really did have the best time.

Bye for now