Sunday, November 29, 2009

Im having trouble coming up with titles lol

I'm sitting here while another summer storm hits, I love storms.  What I don't like is when the power keeps going on and off which it is tonight  lol.  I'm hoping it rains enough so I can cancel our load of water that is coming tomorrow.

Had a really quiet weekend it was very relaxing.  I scrapped on Saturday and Saturday night I'm doing a daily album for December so I made a start on that ,  drove Tess around from one end of the coast to the other and did bookwork today .  Still have a lot to do and swam alot .  Tonight I should be ironing but I have to do some stuff to one of Tess’ costumes so I guess I will do that.  I have to make the skirt “wacky” as its the costume for the “Mad Hatters tea party”  I was going to put the large Bella flowers all over it but only had black and red.  I have to use purple, green or silver.  I delved into the old costume box and found a shiny green costume from last year so I'm going to cut that up.  I'm really not feeling that creative tonight lol

Tess had to work in Morayfield on Thursday  this time she was Santa’s helper she said it was very different a few bogans  were not the nicest to her and an older man tried to put his hand up her skirt.  The 20 year old elf she was working with was about to punch him but Tess said lets move on.  The security guard had been with them but had left to break up a fight.  Apart from that she loves the work and got paid extra because the costumes were late and that put them behind a couple of hours.  She certainly wasn't complaining.  I think next time I might go with her  or better still her father can go with her lol.


I think she makes a cute Santa’s helper.  The other girls were dancing at the shopping centre.

We have a busy week this week full dress rehearsal tomorrow.  Tuesday and Wednesday are concert nights.  Friday we have a function on in Brisbane.  Saturday morning is a car boot sale which I just have to go to then we have a Christmas Party Saturday afternoon.  Yep the festive season is in full swing.

Have a great week

Bye for now


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Not Much Happening Here

Had a very quiet weekend and nothing much has happened which is a good thing as we are getting ready for a  very busy week.  Starting tonight Tess has several dance rehearsals and her concerts are next Tuesday and Wednesday nights, really looking forward to the concerts they are always good. Then no dancing until the last two weeks of the holidays.  She finishes school this week and Lucy has a couple more weeks to go.

Found a few goodies last weekend as did Lucy. She made me laugh when we got home I put my stuff out to take a photo she added hers and after I finished taking the photo and went inside I noticed that she had rearranged her stuff on it’s own and took a photo lol. Next thing I know she will have  a blog lol

My favourite find of the day was the wrought iron planter stand , love it and I almost didn't go to that house.




I think I will paint the cane basket stand not sure if I will paint the other planter stand might leave it black

Mine and Lucy’s goodies


Lucy scored a magazine holder, cheetah cosmetic bag, Gucci bag , ice block thingy’s and a puzzle.

It’s been a really good mail week this week, lots of goodies have arrived.


Sorry about the quality of the photos I was in a rush.  I have been dying to get my hands on this book from the moment I saw it advertised I could never find it. 


My goodness they are both beautiful books I cant wait to make some of the things out of them.

I also ordered   Pip Prosser's  from  Cut & Paste Christmas Kit to make a Daily December journal based on Ali Edwards Daily December journal 2008 you can view her 2009 version  here.  I'm really looking forward to putting this together.


Yesterday I got my order from Kikki-K Stationery  I love their stuff it’s gorgeous. I came in such a huge box


For years I only use calendars with a column for each member of the family I find it so much easier that way.  Why I got another 365 diary I will never know I haven't finished this years and I have two months where I didn't take any photo’s at all.  I found that once I added photos etc that it was way to bulky so I'm going to take a different approach.  I think I will only add a couple of photo’s a week instead of everyday and way less embellishments.

We got our hair done on Friday so I will leave you with a photo of Tess who has gone very blonde again.


Have a great week.  Bye for now


Wednesday, November 18, 2009




Tuesday, November 17, 2009




It just occured to me that my blog has just turned one year old as I started it not long before Tess’ birthday last year.

I hope you had a great day Tess .  Tess, Hayley,Tina,me and the babies went to the Woombye Hotel for lunch today it was very nice.  Thankfully the pub was air conditioned and it worked really well as it was about 38 degrees outside.  Welcome to summer, yuk.  Went for my first swim yesterday and then today when I got home.  The water was freezing but refreshing.


Nanna Arent they cute. 

Still havent been to any garage sales, last weekend I had to have Tess (daughter not friend Tess lol) at Chermside shopping centre in Brisbane by 8.30 we left home at 6.30 after a late night.  Tess had to walk around the shopping centre dressed as a present with another girl who was dressed as a snowman lol.  She worked for three hours starting at 10am and got paid $90.  While she may have earn’t money I spent money.  At least I started my christmas shopping and went to the movies.  Lucy, Bryce and I went and saw 2012.   The last adult movie I saw was Speed and the last movie I saw was either the first Rugrats movie or the Wild Thornberry’s so it’s been a while.  I did enjoy the movie but it was too long  and there was some gaping holes in the storyline which really annoyed me and still is annoying me rofl.  We eventually got home about 3.30 lets hope next job she gets is in Maroochydore.  I think she enjoyed it except when a guy who she thought was about 16 kicked her in the bottom and shoved the snowman over and they both fell flat on their faces.   It was a very heavy costume and she found it very difficult to walk in lol.

I finally got some scrapping done this weekend I will share next time as I have a huge basket of ironing to do so  I had better go and do that

Bye for now


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another Weekend Gone

They are just flying by .  Didn't go to any garage sales this weekend I needed a sleep in and apparently I missed a good one.  Oh well it wasn't meant to be this weekend.

I did have a very relaxing weekend and got a heap of craft stuff sorted out.  It was a job I had been putting off for ages and a job that needed to be done.  Still have heaps more to do but I'm glad I made a start on it.

Had a house full of kids again this weekend they arrive Friday after school and end up staying all weekend.  I think I will have to start charging some of them rent lol.  Its nice that they want to stay here I guess, at least I know what they are up to.

Saturday they asked if I would take some photo’s of them, of course I'm not going to say no am I lol.


Madddy and Tess


Maddy, Tess and Bryce








It was hot enough for the kids to go swimming .



Lucy, Maddy and Cassidy


Too cold for Tess.

That night we had a get together with our neighbours.  We haven't done this since Christmas last year.  They are a great bunch of people and we always have a really good night.  I didn't take any photo’s except this one.


This is the very well behaved Brian and he loves to cuddle lol.

Although we let Tess have friends over on the weekend, only because they had a stack of assignments for school to work on as punishment for skipping school she wasn't allowed to leave the house and she had to mow the lawn.  She was really cranky on Sunday from lack of sleep and she had already stormed off when she saw me taking photo’s of her.  That’s why these aren't the best lol.




Be a bit enthusiastic Tess rofl. Note the phone in her hand. She actually did a good job we told her that she could do it every weekend.  As you can imagine that went down well lol.  Tony and I thought it was funny.

Bye for now


Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I swear Tony is going through one he’s almost at that age.  Firstly I go away and when I come home I find that he has bought a new ute.  Now he and his navigator have decided they would like a new race car.  One of these.

clown1 copy


They feel they cant go much faster in the old one, mind you every event this year they haven't finished any lower than third in their class and  have been in the top 15 outright.  Only problem is this little baby is built in South Africa, Gary’s all ready to go Tony is deciding if he will go with him.  I tell you if he thinks he’s getting something for Christmas he will be very disappointed lol.  I told him next he will be trading me in for a young skinny blonde,  He said no a young skinny blonde wouldn't want to go racing lol.  Well I used to go racing when I was a young skinny brunette.


We always said to Tess you would be mad to wag school as all her friends live on the other side of town and Dad always drives through town several times a day.

So yesterday Tony is driving through town and spots a group of school kids, he always checks it out in case Tess is with them.  First he spotted Tess’ best friend Maddy, then he spotted Tess’ hair lol.  Meanwhile she saw him and her friend was trying to shield her.  So Tony does what any good father would do he pulled the truck over and yelled out for her to get over here.  Wished I had seen the look on her face.  She told Tony that it was okay that I said she could go down town at lunch time.  Tony goes on his merry way.

Tess phones me saying Hi Mum I just saw dad, Now I wasn't happy  that she was in town and the fact that she needs a note and I did not say it was okay.  Does she not think Tony and I talk to each other.  So I phoned him and as I was talking to him I glanced at the clock on the computer and realised that it wasn't even lunch time yet.  So I phone her back demanding to know how long she had been away from school and that she was to get herself back to school and that Dad would be waiting in the truck at the front gate at the school .  The truck causes her no end of embarrassment   so she was mortified and begged Tony not to wait  for her and not to ring the school.  Tony said he would leave providing she went straight back to school.

I decided to have the last say in things and phoned the school telling them she was wagging and that she was going to sneak back in at lunchtime.  I have no idea if they caught her and she hasn't said anything rofl.  For her efforts she is going to have a very boring weekend because apart from dancing she isn't leaving the house. 

If  you are going to do something then do it properly lol or at least don't get caught.