Sunday, March 31, 2013

Project Life- Week 7

Sorry about the poor quality of the photos I'm having issues this morning with light. It was a week of first for Lucy this week.  Her first valentine gift and her first time navigating for Tony.






Project Life - Week 6







Project Life - Week 5


This week was a quiet week it started out with the trip home from Katoomba in the pouring rain, not knowing if we were actually going to get home.  On arriving home we had no power which would be off until Wednesday, this included no mobile phone connection.  We ate out and showered at Tony’s mothers house.



I have to put something across the top of the house.  My great great grandparents lived in it I'm just not sure which ones so as soon as I find out I will add something.




Saturday, March 23, 2013

Project Life–Week 4 and a Catch up


I really cant believe how long it’s been since I've posted ,I'm surprised that there are people still visiting, thank you.  Life's been busy with a  really quick trip to Katoomba, storms and floods resulting in no power for five days, back to school for Lucy, a  scrapping retreat, a wedding and life in general.

I went to a scrapbooking retreat at the end of February.  Tracey from One Stop Scrapping at Capalaba puts it on and its held at Stacey's at the Gap, Cunningham's Gap near Warwick.  I love these retreats, this group of ladies are lovely, it was my second retreat here and this time I went on my own so only knew a couple of people but everyone was so friendly and welcoming unlike some places I've been to, you know the clique ones that outsiders are really not wanted. 

I decided to tackle 2010 project Life and that’s all I took to do.  I had hundreds of photos printed and put them into the album before the retreat. I then grabbed my 2010 diary and calendar (as it’s a large one I took photos on my phone of each page) and then I printed the relevant  blog pages.  This was such a big help because you really don't remember.  Some months there was only one post and two months there was nothing.  This made me think I really need to post more,  this blog was only ever started for my family so they could see what we were up to.  I've never been a diary writer so this is the next best thing.   I got three quarters of the way through I think I'm up to October.  I used the Olive Kit now I've had a bit of a love and dislike relationship with this kit.  Loved it when it was released then when I received it wasn't real keen on it but I'm really happy with how 2010 turned out and I think it looks great. I still have to add embellishments etc. and the other months but I'm so pleased I was able to finish another year.

Having said that I was only up to week 3 in this years project life so last weekend I had some time to print off photos organise the journaling and hopefully with be caught up tonight but it doesn't matter if I'm not I’ll get there.  I'm regretting that I decided to do all my journaling on the computer it takes me so much longer but I am liking the look of it as my writing is large and I was having trouble fitting all I wanted to fit in on the journaling cards.

Week 4 was a huge week it was the last week of school holidays and Lucy was helping out at the vacation care at the PCYC. Tony turned 46. The girls had plans for Australia day and that whole weekend and we had to drive to Sydney to pick up a gear box and decided to go to Katoomba as we had never been there.  All the while a massive rain event was heading our way.



Check out the pictures of the foam, I wished I had seen this.  These photo’s are from the Sunshine Coast Daily’s website.




I loved Katoomba I really connected with the place and I was very surprised to see the price of real estate especially in the heritage area.  It was so much cheaper than here now if I could just convince Tony.  On the downside I think the amount of people around would drive me nuts.  I try to avoid the coast when its holiday season.  Anyway must go

Bye for now