Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day Twenty Three

My desk.  All I seem to be doing lately is bookwork.  I tell you getting sick or going away for a week really puts you behind. Yes it’s always a mess lol.


Day Twenty Two

Seems like Ive lost a few days here and there lol.

Whip bird


It took me days to get  photo of this whip bird and it’s not a very good one.

Bangalow Markets

I just love the markets they have in that area, so unique.

We were fortunate enough to be in northern NSW when the Bangalow Markets were on. 






Tess took all the photo’s that are on an angle, Why? I guess she’s trying to be creative lol.











DSCF2171 It was a really good morning, fantastic stalls and fantastic food.

We were leaving to come back home on Monday afternoon so here are a few family shots'







Our last coffee before we left.


Our Holiday part two

My whole family moved to Alstonville from Armidale years ago, then circumstances changed and they all moved down to Wagga for seven years.  A few months ago my sister and her family decided to move back and this was the first time we visited, my mother and grandma flew up and as Nanny is 97 this year we take any opportunity we can to see her, sad that my dad couldn't make it but he had to work and stay in Wagga to look after the dog lol. It is so nice to have some family living only four hours away.

The girls were hanging out for the weekend so they could spend some time with their cousins as they were at school.   We had been so lazy sleeping in everyday, well the girls did I still woke up at 4.30am, it drives me insane but I would get up and sit outside,read and enjoy the quiet.  We must have needed the rest.

We went to a large garage sale that the Baptist Day care centre in Alstonville was holding and again I got some good bargains and I think I spent a total of $5.50.

We just hung around home  Dell and Andrew drove over from Casino to visit for the afternoon.



Lucy and Livvy (Olivia)









Under construction, did I say this boy is train mad





Spotted this bird I had never seen it before.  Must find my bird book and look up what type he is.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Our Holiday part one

Hasn't this week flown it’s going to be Christmas before we know it.  We had a lovely time away it was good to see everybody again.   The day we left I decided to work instead of taking the day off.  I finished work at 9.30 home in time for an appointment with my bookkeeper  at 10.  It was the only available time he had left after I cancelled my appointment due to sickness the previous week.  Peter left at 1.30 and we were finally on the road by 3.30, not a good time to start travelling as the traffic was pretty heavy all the way from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast.  We made it to Wollongbar  at 7, booked into the motel and headed over to Jon and Dan’s just in time for dinner. 

Thursday was a fairly quiet day, Tess, Lucy, my mum and I went to Alstonville to have a look at some shops and morning tea.  Found  a gorgeous little vintage shop called Ginger lily, there was so much in that shop I would have liked.   After coffee we went for a drive to Ballina .  Went to a few op shops and got a few bargains.

Friday we decided to go for a drive to Byron Bay last time I went there was 26 years ago .  It was so busy and one thing I really like about Byron there a no high rises and I love the shops , very few shopping centres.  We had morning tea at a lovely little coffee shop (I didn't get the name) the Mocha was superb as were the muffins.



After morning tea we went for a drive around Byron and ended up at the Cape Byron  lighthouse.

The lighthouse was built in 1901 and stands on the most easterly point on mainland Australia.  The view was spectacular and very windy.








That afternoon my Aunty Dell, my cousin Andrew,his wife and son stopped in at Dan’s.  It was lovely as I had never met Kyle and hadn't seen Andrew or Dell for 2 years.



Darcy thought it was pretty good to have some company and they both loved trains lol.


We saw this little guy hanging around the neighbours garden most days.



Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day Twenty one



Day Twenty



Lucy, my grandmother, Mavis, my mum, Jenny and Tess

Day Nineteen



Tess and my niece Izzy.

Day Eighteen




My cousins son Kyle.

Day Seventeen




Cape Byron lighthouse.

Day Sixteen




My cute nephew Darcy

Day Fifteen




I would love to know the name of this plant.

Day Fourteen




Day Thirteen




We have a skip bin business and Tony always pulls out the copper wiring to sell, this is what  is left over.

Day Twelve



Enjoying the afternoon sun.

Day Eleven





My magnolia was a bit disappointing this year it didn't flower as well as it usually does.

Day Ten




Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Going Away

Im off to Northern NSW for five days, I will catch up on my daily photo’s next week

Bye for now

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day Nine

Today was Ekka show day (Brisbane Exhibition Show) and our schools on the Sunshine Coast get a public holiday.  Tess didn't go to work experience today as she has had a really bad cough.  So at lunchtime she was feeling better and as I had both the girls home which is a rarity  I suggested some photo’s.  We decided to go down to Mapleton Falls which is a few km’s from our house. Unfortunately the sun wasn't in the best position but we had fun and I took a heap of photo’s


I don't know why they felt the need to wear makeup I think it’s a bit heavy but I didn't hassle them over it.

This is the view from the lookout. It looks out west over  the  Obi Obi Valley, how I would love to live down there.


It’s really difficult to photograph the actual falls and there wasn't a lot of water flowing. I would like to go out after we have had a lot of rain.

Just up the road from the falls we found a shed so the girls posed in front of it lol.











Lucy wanted me to put a photo on my blog of her and her best friend so here they are lol

tay and lucii 1000

These are photo’s for their my space so no smiles lol

Bye for now