Saturday, August 15, 2015

I'm In. Week In the Life

I think it's time to join the land of blogging again.  Im not sure if anyone still comes here for a visit but I do know if I don't write stuff down I really do forget it.  A perfect time to start again is with Ali Edward's Week In the Life project I have attempted to do this the last couple of years and I always have the best intentions I take plenty of photos but never seem to complete the albums so I have a few incomplete albums laying around the place  This year my whole outlook to memory keeping is to keep it simple.  I just want stuff done.

  A week in the life officially is going to run from the 17th to the 23rd but really you can do it anytime you wish.  This year I pre ordered the kit and Im so glad I did not only do I really like it I don't have to worry about getting supplies together.  I really enjoy the process of this project so Im hoping, no I will get this project finished this year.  Bye for now  Jackie  


Soonymary said...

You are still in my RSS feeds Jackie so I am here still! Wish I had ordered the kit. If I had I would be doing it as well instead of feeling envious lol. Was lovely to catch up at Donna's lessons. Sue

Jackie said...

It was lovely wasn't it Sue Donna is such a wonderful teacher love her classes