Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy birthday Tony

Tony reached the big 42, mind you he had to ask me how old he was lol.


We had a fantastic night.  Lucy and I wanted to go to The Grinning Dog, Maroochydore for dinner but we ended up going to Trader Dukes.  I had never been there before , what a great pub, very family orientated.  They had a girl signing and she was fantastic.  Not only could she sing but she was a real entertainer, we had an absolute ball.  At one stage Linda, Kim and I played percussion with her.  lolDSCF2352

How yummy does   this look and it was delicious , a little too much sauce on the fish perhaps  but other than that very  nice.



We finished the night up at Sonja's (she couldn't join us as she is in hospital) for cake and a cuppa.  Hope you had a great day Tony.

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