Sunday, March 8, 2009

Catch up

My how time flies cant believe it's been this long since I've visited my blog.  Life just gets in the way lol.  Firstly this little guy turned two on the 12th of February.


Not the 17th (isn't that right Jen lol).  This is my nephew Darcy.  I really wished I lived closer to them and could see them more often. 

Well nothing interesting has really happened just back into the normal after Christmas holidays routine.  Tess' dancing is back in full swing, more full on than last year if that's possible.  Lot's and lots of rehearsals in preparation for the May eisteddfod.


We have had Greg Miller take our dancing photo's for years.  Actually most of the dancing school's on the Sunshine Coast use him.  Love his photo's except the colour of his backgrounds make scrapping her dancing photo's a little bit difficult so I changed this one to black and white.

My scrapping mojo has returned I hadn't scrapped in months and have finally scrapped five layouts in two  weeks lol.  I will put them on here later this week.  I'm still doing my photo a day although February wasn't the best but I've been very diligent with March so far.  Problem is I have to scrap them in my diary. I've almost finished January lol.  Another challenge I've given myself is I want to finish (and start) my holiday album from our trip to Alice Springs in 2007 before we go to Alice Springs this year June long weekend.  I have done a mini album but want to do a more indepth album.  Will I get it done.

On Tuesday we went to Tess' house to get our hair done.  I had promised Lucy that she could get streaks in her hair. It turned out lovely.






Tess dyed her hair and it didn't quite work out.  I told her not to but she does her own thing and never listens.  She is 15  need I say more. So it was Katie to the rescue I must admit It's better than what it was, at least it's not orange lol it also has a dark bit at the back.




My friend Tess is participating in the Leukaemia Foundation's World's greatest shave if you want to sponsor her you can go Here

Stay tuned for the after shots.  Tess is doing it for our dear friend Heather who passed away last year.  We miss her every day.

DSCF0327 .


In other news our house guest Matt left us I must admit it felt strange not having him around or having the caravan in the back yard.  He has since gotten a job and is living at Lowood but comes to visit every couple of weekends.

Last weekend we had dinner at Cottontree.  It was a lovely evening.






How hard was it to get a nice photo of the three of them, almost impossible lol





Has anyone been watching the cricket as I no longer have pay tv I have been listening to the ABC radio.  Hasn't it been fantastic.  Love it.  Football season starts next week, cant wait.  Go the Roosters.





Bye for now


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