Saturday, April 4, 2009

Yeah It’s the Weekend

How quick are the weeks flying by.  This weeks weather has been awful.  I don't know why they call here the Sunshine Coast as all it does in summer is rain.  Not that I'm complaining my water tank is full and the garden is watered.  Parts of the northern coast had over 400 mls that’s amazing.  We are used to getting 100 to 200 mls in a day but 400ml wow.  On one part of the coast someone reported having 800 ml .  The yellow patch stayed in the one spot for most of the day.


This was how misty it was here all day.  It was worse up on the main road.  This photo was taken at 4.30 in the afternoon.  I wished I had my camera with me when I went to pick Tess up from the bus stop in Montville.


I wanted to get a lot done this weekend but with Tess having ballet rehearsals in  Caloundra this afternoon 11.30 until 4pm then a trip to IKEA tomorrow I don't know if I'm going to get a lot done.  I had planned to catch up with scrapping my Daily photo’s in my 365 diary but I fell asleep on the lounge while watching the footy last night.  I have the sorest neck today lol.  I was going to drop Tess off and have Tony pick her up but the dance school is close to Spotlight and another one of my favourite shops I thought I might go shopping.    I'm sure the hours will pass in no time lol.  Thought I might share some layouts that I did last weekend.

So Very cute (Large)


Tess and Matt

Feral Fred




The next few layouts I used Pip Prosser ‘s   Double up Packs. Love these packs.



Summer Days


Lazy Days


On the Road

I have now a grand total of three layouts for my holiday album of our 2007 trip lol.  I have less than eight weeks to get it finished. I think I'm going to have to sit down and plan it out and have a marathon scrapping session.  This album is going to be fairly simple with similar colour combinations through out.  This page is the first of a double layout but it fitted into a challenge at The Scrap Heap so will have to finish the other side soon lol.

Stockmans Hall of Fame


I made these the other day.  I was inspired by someone but cant remember whose blog it was.


DSCF0378 \

I'm so sick  of  school and ballet notes going missing I made one for each girl.

I went to one of my favourite shops.   So unfortunate that it happens to be right across from Tess’ bus stop lol.

A Country Lane, Montville if you are into “country style” this is the shop for you.


I came across these



I don't sew but am going to teach myself.  I also booked into a patchwork class that starts on the 20th of April.  I've always wanted to learn to make quilts but never got around to it. 

I also went to The Patchwork Angel, Forest Glen and had a browse I was looking for an easy kit to start with.  I asked the lady and she showed me this and assured me that I would be able to make it.


Hmmm we will see, I left the store with these.


Last weekend Tony went to Goondiwindi to race, Tess was busy so Lucy and I walked into town and had lunch at one of the coffee shop’s Criollos Chocolaterie it was rather nice.  We sat upstairs and this was our view.  On a clear day you can see the ocean but it was raining.



This is looking across to the Mapleton Tavern.

Here’s Lucy enjoying a chocolate milkshake.



Received a surprise cheque in the mail the other day so what’s  a girl to do but go the local scrapping shop and have just a bit of a spend.  My local store is Daisy Chain in Nambour  So what did I buy? These very yummy goodies.


Yes I know there a lot of rub ons and journaling blocks but they are for my 365 diary I'm trying to keep the book non bulky lol.

Lastly it was a very good mail day yesterday I received not one but three pizza boxes in the mail.  Oh Happy days, cant wait until Easter when I have five days off and I don't mind at all if it keeps raining.


This has turned into a novel.  Bye for now



Tess said...

I was in that shop on Wednesday and very nearly bought those 2 very same books! I was going to go back next week and get them, i wont have to now LOL i can just borrow yours!!!!
The rain has been shocking hasn't it

Jackie said...

That's funny. They are great books you will lovel them. I think even I can manage to make some things out of them.

Caroline said...

I went up to Montville last Thursday I kinda like it more for some reason when it's misty rain.
Don't like the road though I come in from the Maleny side. I love your layouts I am just starting to scrapbook I think mine are pitiful!!LOL I specially like your one of Fred we have a red cattle dog to, is that what he is?? looks like in the photo.

Tatersmama said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog... Now I'm returning the favor. ;-)
I LOVE the look of your layouts, but unfortunately I don't have one talented bone in my entire body. I love to look and dream though...
And the rain? It's so dry here in lower Vic that the dirt is actually blowing away.

Chrissy said...

LOL Yep that mist looks like Montville to me!! My MIL says it hasn't stopped raining all Easter up there, at least they can light the fire, I *miss* ours. Really should have built one in this place...

All your shopping goodies are too divine Jackie. Hope you have had that chance to scrap over Easter, can't wait to see what you've created.
Chrissy xx

Tatersmama said...

Thanks for sharing the link!!
I just came back to see what you've been up to ( does this mean you've got your mojo working again?) and I must have missed the link the first time around!
They've got some GREAT Americana things and I haven't even checked out the rest of their stuff yet!

Mastercard is going to thank you!