Wednesday, May 13, 2009


16 years ago today my gorgeous daughter was born.









She was such an easy baby, slept through the night at 3 days old, didnt cry much and fed well.  I dont know why I was looking so tired in the photo lol.  It wasnt from lack of sleep.  All that fell apart when she hit 6 months.  Didnt sleep much and  would only go to sleep while being breast fed.  Then she discovered movement, she never stopped, always on the go, would sit still for a minute.  She didnt go to sleep until after 10pm, (closer to midnight I wonder who she gets that from lol) then awake again at 5am.  Daytime sleeps, what were they, she would have one if we were lucky.

She was such a handful, nothing could keep her in, no child proof gate, no fence, no security doors, nothing

   The only time she slowed down was the day she burnt both the bottom’s of her feet, she had two huge blisters and couldnt walk on them.


Am I mean to say it was a great couple of days I could actually go shopping with her lol. She soon discovered on day three if she walked on the side of her feet she could get around. 

Then there was the time she went missing (She had only just turned three).  She was gone for about an hour , Tony had called the police who in turn called the SES and they were just about to call the helicopter as it was late afternoon .  She and the dog had walked past all these dams, through paddocks to a neighbours property.  The old guy found her but the dog wouldnt let him near her he stayed with them until  Tony’s nephew found them.  Tony said to her you are in so much trouble.  Why she said Iwas just taking the dog for a walk lol.



Max didnt like Tess much but he was always with her which was a godsend because if I could see the dog I always knew where she was.

So in an attempt to harness some of her energy, teach her some discipline and self  control  (many suggested she might be ADD and should be on medication)  I sent her to ballet.  She was such a cute little ballerina lol


Funny enough she seemed to lose that energy when she hit 13 lol


Moody describes her in one word lol




The next two photos are the only recent ones I have of her.  She’s not going to like them.  We are going out to dinner tonight so I might wait until she’s dressed up nicely and take another photo.  This photo was taken after she had finished dancing at the eisteddfod on Monday morning.


Another one from lunch on Sunday


Happy Birthday Tess I hope you enjoyed your day.

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