Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another Great Day


The girls had another very successful day.  They competed in two sections   Open Up Tempo which they won and Open National which they placed second.  The adjudicator wanted to award equal first to both teams but was unable and unfortunately awarded first to the other team. 

This is the only photo I took all day.  This is Tess in her Jazz costume.



Tina said...

A huge congratulations to your sweet Jess, Jackie! You must be such a proud Mum and rightly so:) Jess's smile is just beautiful and I send her a huge congrats for doing so well in her dance competition. As a former ballet dancer I know how much hard work these girls put into their performances and Jess should be so proud!! I would also like to send a belated happy birthday to your gorgeous girl. Hope you have a lovely week Jackie~ Tina xx

Tesss (: said...

i want to be sick every time i look at this photo (N)

Jackie said...

Why Tess it's a lovely photo of you.