Saturday, July 3, 2010

Had a Fantastic Week


Wow this week has flown.  I'm finally a stay at home mum again (sort of) it feels really strange to have finished work no doubt I will get used to it.

Cat Stevens was fantastic, the concert was absolutely brilliant. His voice has hardly changed over the decades still so beautiful.  Tess and I really enjoyed Fame the Musical, so much energy and boy they could sing.  We have been really spoilt this week.

This weekend saw Tess competing at the Redcliffe eisteddfod (about an hour from home).  Today I got up at 4.30am to get the rest of them up by 5, we needed to leave by six.  We left twenty minutes late but were still able to stop for much needed coffee .  Tess danced in one section in the morning twice, Open Novelty which they placed first and second.  Then we had to wait until the last section this afternoon  for them to compete in the open Hip Hop which they won.  Scpac won everything else that they entered but one which they placed fourth so it was an extremely successful day.  Fortunately Tess wasn't dancing tonight or in the morning we just have the afternoon session.  Open Jazz , they are entered twice, I'm really looking forward to this as one is a new dance and I haven't seen it before and Open National. So it will be a relatively short day.  Through Scpac’s talent agency Showtime Tess has work everyday next week at North Lakes Shopping Centre from 9 until 2 at $30 an hour I would do this no worries.

The eisteddfod was held at the Redcliffe Cultural Centre which is only a block to Moreton Bay so we walked down there to have lunch.







I told the kids not to feed the seagulls.


Anticipation (above photo)






More like a rugby scrum.










Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Bye for now

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Tina said...

Hi Jackie, hope you are enjoying being a SAHM (sort of) again! Sounds like you are kept very busy with all the lovely dancing that your girls do. Your pics of your gorgeous girls are just beautiful. I hope you are having a wonderful week so far ~ Tina xx