Sunday, February 27, 2011

Went Shopping

We don't have many vintage or “French” style shops or none that I have found on the Sunshine Coast I'm guessing there are probably some in Noosa but I rarely go there. So Bed Bath & Table is becoming a firm favourite.  Scored these last Thursday night.  I've been after a clock for the lounge room I know what I want but cant find it.  So I got this for the time being.


Love this it’s so cute


Have no idea what I'm going to do with this but it was $50 reduced to 19.95


Hope everyone had a great weekend



Libby said...

Ohhh...great finds. I love bed, bath & table, though luckily for my wallet we don't have one in Wollongong :-).

Caroline said...

Long time no blogging
Hope you post again!

Mardi said...

Hi Jackie...thanks for popping by my blog.....I had to giggle when you mentioned you thought Wicked went 30mins too long.....I loved it to the end...but at interval Ian declared he had seen enough.....and if we could just leave would have been perfect for him...I can tell I wont be getting him to another musical anytime soon.
Also wanted to mention your gorgeous Bed bath and table finds....I only recently encountered that store...omgosh its got some gorgeous things.
Mardi x