Monday, May 23, 2011

Your Invited to Lunch- Don't look if you are squeamish

I was on the computer listening to the birds outside when I heard something fall out of the tree and hitting the ground.  Thinking it was a branch, ignored it,  Milly was out side pacing back and forth and making a funny noise.  Time to go out and investigate and this is what I found.


You can see the snake’s mouth, this was not a small possum.  I will just add the possum was dead when they hit the ground. My neighbours and I stood and watched for almost an hour it was fascinating.


Look how wide that mouth has become. (below)





I took about 200 photo’s but this one below is my favourite all done but for the tail.


last bit

All gone, then the snake stayed in the one spot for about 30mins then very slowly went on his way.  I was able to get about a metre away as this snake was so full it wasn't going anywhere for a while.

Something nicer to finish this post off with


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Libby said...

Glad I'd finished my breakfast before reading this :-). Yuck but fascinating.