Wednesday, June 8, 2011


That became our mantra on our trip to Alice Springs in 2007 when we drove and did the touristy thing with a group of friends.  Well we are just into twelve hours of our big adventure and we are stuck.  Stuck at the bottom of the Toowoomba Range and as I have been telling Lucy it’s all part of the adventure. With so much to do yesterday we didn't end up leaving until 9.30pm.  All was well we made it through Brisbane and had a stop at Gatton to grab coffee, Tony was feeling a  bit tired then plan was to make it to the other side of Toowoomba where we were going to stop for the night.

Just as we were approaching Toowoomba range the truck started to make a funny noise, that’s alright we knew what that was a hose fell off the turbo, Tony  pulled over and fixed it, unfortunately what he didn't know was that a small piece of something hose or clamp fell off into turbo which got into the engine, we weren't going anywhere .  Lucky Tony has his brother Michael who came to the rescue as he always does (lucky it was a public holiday Maleny show day) he assures me we will be gone by 3.  Gary, Tony’s navigator who lives in Brisbane grabbed the parts that we needed so I'm confident we will be gone sometime this afternoon.  With trips like this it pays to be flexible so I'm going to have to do some rearranging again the reason we are going this way through Broken Hill, Flinders ranges, Cobber Pedy is we didn't get to spend much time  there last time.  I had even booked a flight for us over Wilpenia pound for Monday.  Despite having to rearrange our aim is to reach Goondiwindi tonight.  Our original goal was to be in Broken Hill sometime this evening :)  I've actually had a good day despite being a bit bored but I had a really good read of my camera’s instruction manual  shame we didn't break down somewhere with more interesting things to take photo’s of.  Lucy has slept all day, if Tony did decided to drive through the night which he wont be because he hasn't slept since Wednesday night at least Lucy could have stayed up with him and kept him awake.  Lucy and I got to bed at about 3am I had no idea how many semi’s drove past but they were so noisy.






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