Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Bit of an Update


Cant believe it’s been over a month since I have written a blog post and less than a month until Christmas.  Haven't been doing a great deal Lucy has officially finished school for the year but in reality has missed the last three weeks with a really bad case of conjunctivitis I'm amazed nobody else in the family got it.  She’s been housebound and bored out of her brain, poor thing.  Tess is getting plenty of work and really enjoying her job.  Tony as always is flat out and I'm trying to keep it all together  I must admit I've enjoyed the last few weeks out of the school routine.  So what have we been up to.

This was a few days before Lucy stopped going to school new glasses were in order for both her and Tony.We went to Specsavers and got the buy one get one free so ended up with four pairs of glasses


Tess and I went to the Wednesday Eumundi Markets I haven't been here for years, when Tony and I first moved to the Coast in 1989 we used to go to the Markets every Saturday morning they were real alternate markets, original goods, organic foods etc it’s a bit too commercialised these days but still nice markets.  It was such a hot day lucky there were so many beautiful tree surrounding the area which gave some respite.






There was so much food on offer it was a toss up between a Japanese dish and savoury crepes, the crepes won




The result? Beautiful crepes I had the savoury and Tess had the jam and cream.



I really wished I had written this bands name down I thought I would remember it but didn't and they were really good they had a great sound.  If anyone can let me know I would be grateful.



Will finish up tomorrow my other photo’s are on a different computer and it’s a bit late now and I have an early start.

Bye for now


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Caroline said...

Yeh!! you slacky about time you did a blog post.LOL!
I have been to the markets a few times of a weekend of late & this band has been there so if you go again you are most likely to see them. Sorry I can't help you with the name though.