Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Project Life - Week 7

How quickly are the weeks passing and in two days it will be autumn, my favourite time of the year. The Beach photos were taken by Joey Kiernan and I'm grateful that he let me have them.




It’s really hard not to use the inserts as they add so much more and I've used them again doing week 8.  I really hate my handwriting but decided that that was the way too go as it’s so much quicker and I don't want to be spending hours trying to print stuff. I'm really enjoying this process I got to March last year and stopped but I'm going to see if I can finish it I'm not going to worry if there isn't a spread for each week.  I think it was last year but one of the months I don't think I took a single photo but at least we can enjoy the photos and the stories if I can get them in the album.

Bye for Now



Libby said...

Looks great Jackie. I've already gotten way behind but a friend suggested I try to digital version on Shutterfly - which I did - and I'm up to date as of last Sunday :-). I love that you added things like receipts. I'll have to remember to photograph things like that now that I'm doing digital.

The Wallace Family said...

Great layout! I love the pictures of the beach..I wanna go! And then there is the low temps in your forecast picture oh my!! Great week:)

Amanda said...

looks great jackie, i noticed in your journal you had a headache for 2 days and a stomach bug - so did I !! hope yr better. love the weather forcast shot - will be doing that one. love (borrowing) pinching other peoples great idea!!

Jules said...

Wonderful pages - and those beach photos are great! I think including your handwriting is awesome. I'm not keen on mine either but I try to include it every now and then as it's an important part of me, and I'm sure it will be fun to look back on!

Melissa said...

Love you photos and am so jealous of your weather forecast, after a hot weekend our weather here in Melbourne has rapidly gone down the tube.

Julie Coryell said...

Beautiful! Love the pictures of the beach & the light house!

Kelli said...

the first thing I thought was I love your handwriting and then I saw you hate it! Girl you rock at it :) it's so unique and cool looking :) you are darlin' love that photo of you at the beach, totally rocked it! Keep Calm and project life on :)