Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Project Life -Week 18

Its the most cold and horrible day today, don't think I will be sitting out here at my desk as this is the cold part of the house.  Every winter I wish that I had a lap top so might quickly upload this then go and sit in front of the fire with a cuppa while I think about starting dinner.  These will be the last zoo photos for the rest of the year (I hope).






Totally missed the money shot that day with the echidna  couldn't get the right settings with my camera and missed him drinking and being so close to me I could have touched him.


I really shouldn't do the journaling when I'm tired lots of mistakes and really bad English.  I need to fix this I would hate for my relatives down the track to think I was uneducated.

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Amanda said...

i was only thinking of your project life the other day and how you were going! lol about the uneducated comment !!!!!