Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August Already.

I haven't blogged for ages except to post my Project Life pages.  I cant believe how quick the year is going, it will be Christmas before we know it.  I do have lots to tell but will catch up with that another day.  I've been doing the HCG Protocol with spectacular results, I've just finished round 1 and have lost 17Kgs to say I'm happy is an understatement.  I will talk about in another post but I'm really looking forward to starting the second round in a few weeks.

Last week was a week of seeing out of town relatives which was really lovely.  Firstly my lovely niece Fauve came down from Rockhampton to stay with my mother in law.  We don't get to see her very often which is a shame especially for my girls.  We went out to lunch at The Loaded Lizard at Mudjimba which was lovely, they do a beautiful breakfast too.  We had a lovely afternoon.


Thursday afternoon, Tony and Lucy drove to Goondiwindi, Tony was competing in the Albins Off Road Gear Goondiwindi 400 wasn't a good weekend for him and Gary as they broke down on Saturday.

Friday, Tess and I headed down to Brisbane to see my parents who were having a bit of a holiday in Brissy we met then at the Queensland Museum Southbank.





Imagine being chomped on by those teeth.  I didn't take many photos as you weren't allowed.


After the museum we went for lunch walking through Southbank I really love the Southbank area and it was a perfect winter’s day in the Sunshine state.



Lunch was lovely



After lunch we dropped Jen and David off at Goma as we had only been there a few months prior Tess and I headed home.


I must admit I would have like to have seen this exhibition.

On a final note I had a giggle when I saw this sign in the public toilets at Southbank


Bye for now



Stephanie said...

Great photos! Looks like a lovely city! That sign in the bathroom is too funny!

Libby said...

Holy moly - 17kg!!! That is amazing. You must be feeling great. I've lost 5kg and can feel the difference with that. A big congrats to you.