Friday, September 7, 2012

A Day In My Life–Thursday 6th September


I haven't done one of these for ages and decided to a couple of days ago to do one and as it turns out we had a very busy day.

Tony and Lucy left on Wednesday to drive to Millicent in South Australia, as I didn't have to wake up to get Lucy to school I had a bit of a sleep in so got up at 7am.  I was slack the night before so the first thing I did was wash the dishes yes I know I wasn't going to put this picture in this post but it looked better than the horrible green drink at the top.


Started round 2 of  the HCG Protocol again so have to have drops when I get up and a horrible green drink which is colloidal  silver, super greens, probiotics and salt. It’s so gross


The smell of Jasmine is beautiful as it wafts through the house and you can smell it all over the yard.


Its going to be a warm couple of days.




My list



As we had a lot to do we wanted to leave home at 8.15 all was going well until Tony phoned me just as we were heading out the door.  They were a bit confused about which was to go as you can see on the map it all ended up the same place.  Men are hopeless at directions, I might add that they had a map with them.  Any way spent twenty minutes or so doing that and naturally were late getting out the door.


Milly’s sad because we told her she had to stay at home, she loves going for drives


Bored at the roadworks, they have been going for ever they are supposed to be completed this month I really hope so.




Finally on our way we drove thirty minutes to Kawana I needed to get some curtains from Spotlight


Needed to go to Office works to stock up on inks


Next stop was Sunshine Plaza we only had until 11.30 as Tess had to meet a friend for coffee.

First on the agenda was coffee for me I was getting desperate .


One of my favourite stores.


It was time for Tess to meet her friend at Starbucks at Mooloolaba so I tagged along





1pm we headed back to the Plaza to finish our shopping, a trip to Target was necessary  then Pillow Talk as I was going to buy some new sheets.  Ended up leaving there without spending a cent, very unusual .



Maroochy River looking lovely this afternoon


A quick stop at our Fruit shop, it’s lovely that we have found milk in glass bottles and a bonus is it’s organic.


One last stop at the local scrapbooking shop but they didn't have want I wanted.  I've been organising my scrapping stuff and needed a 12 x 12 display folder (it as about 30 plastic sheets in it) for border paper, she said she will get some more in next week. 

We don't have mail delivery in town, we all have to pick up our mail at the post office.


And it was a good mail day received my kit from Cut and Paste


I felt really tired by the time we got home, as soon as I walked in the door the phone rang it was Tony to tell me the gearbox in the fifth wheel was stuffed and they had left the truck in Griffith, a friend of ours, brother in law lived there and lent Tony and Gary two 4wd’s and a car trailer so they were able to get on their way. Tony was blown away by his generosity  The only problem was accommodation they had a camp site but obviously they needed a cabin, van or a room I rang every motel, hotel caravan park in Millicent all were booked out.  Lucky other friends had spare swags and a tent, they were able to take their mattresses out of the truck and doonas etc. so they will probably be quite comfortable.  Tess and I were saying that we were so glad we didn't go I did find a room in Mt Gambier but they decided not to take it.


Tess went to her boyfriends place and I had a lovely night at home.  I kept sorting out my scrapping stuff at one point, only briefly you could see the dining table.  Dinner was a lovely steak and salad, then I watched an episode of Taggart and Inspector Morse.  I feel asleep while watching it so ended up in bed about midnight.

Tony will drive back to Griffith on Sunday night / Monday after racing all weekend, the  new gearbox will be there on Monday (we hope) then Tony will drive to my mothers at Alstonville NSW as it’s my Grandmothers 100th Birthday on Wednesday and we are driving down for the day for lunch with her.  I told Tony that they better not be late .  Fingers crossed him and Lucy get there on time.

Bye for now


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Libby said...

Thanks for sharing your day. So fun to read. Sounds like a lovely day.