Wednesday, September 11, 2013


We had a busy day planned but unfortunately ended up starting late as I had a really bad headache .  I eventually got moving around 11am and we drove to Uralla, I wanted to have a look around town and the cemetery's as a lot of my family are from Uralla.  Im so thankful Lucy was able to drive as I certainly wasn't up to it.  The first stop was the information centre and a coffee shop, then we were set.  

DSC 5153

As it was so late we started off at thePioneer Cemetery which is the home of the bushranger Captain Thunderbolt's grave.

DSC 5180

We found the headstone of my great great great grandmother 


DSC 5162

We then went to the Uralla Cemetery and visited the grave of my Great grandparents, I knew my great grandmother but unfortunately my great grandfather had died before  I was born


DSC 5198

It's funny I really miss this beautiful country, so different from where I live now.

IMG 4940

As it was getting late we decided not to do the heritage walk through Uralla which was disappointing as I had really wanted to do it. As i still wasn't feeling a hundred percent and it was a warm day we drove to Gostwyck  Chapel and Deeargee Woolshed.  Gostwyck Chapel is a stunning little chapel especially in Autumn when the Virginia Creeper turns vivid shades of red.

Flat 220x200 075 tThis beautiful photo was taken by Michael Boniwell

DSC 5259


DSC 5265

DSC 5266

DSC 5243

DSC 5262

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Deeargee Woolshed was built  in 1872.  My memories (or lack of them) was  a B&S Ball back in the early 80's

DSC 5280

Lucy was  a little perturbed with all the sheep and cows walking along the side of the road

DSC 5291

DSC 5240

We drove back to Armidale the "back way" that seemed to go on forever and  a road that I had never driven on, thank goodness for google maps.  We finally got back to the Motel and I phoned Meredith and arranged to meet for dinner, at the same time got a text from some other friends asking what we were doing for dinner.  We ended back at the White Bull Hotel for a lovely dinner.  

Up again early on Monday morning as we had to go to the Armidale cemetery before we left to travel home.  Poor Lucy I think she was a bit over it by this stage but as I said to her it's your family and where you are from.

DSC 5342

Another great great great grandmother on my grandfather's side

DSC 5357

At last we grabbed a coffee from The Goldfish Bowl, I couldn't talk Lucy into breakfast and we hit the road. Lucy drove all the way except from Warwick to Aratula and we arrived home about pm.  We had a most enjoyable weekend but back to routine for me and school for Lucy, she did try to say she was too tired to go on Tuesday, nice try I made her go. It was nice to have some together time just the two of us.

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Hi ya gorgeous... didnt know you had a blog.. What a lovely inspiring blog to read.. such cute girls.. happy family.... photos are gorgeous xxxxxx See you at daisys... omg would you hurry up!!!! xx