Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Busy Couple Of Days

What a busy week this week is turning out to be.  Tomorrow is my day off and I'm really glad that I'm staying at home.  Monday was Tess' birthday and she had a morning tea which was really lovely so much yummy food and great company.  Hope you had a fantastic day Tess.

These photo's didn't turn out so good as the light wasn't the best and I'm still not real sure how to use my camera. lol


DSCF1550 DSCF1539   I think this beautiful girl wanted some of the food, she was feeling very left out being locked outside.




On Tuesday it was this gorgeous girls birthday.



I had a big cleaning day planned for Tuesday after work I wanted to clean the house then clean out Lucy's cupboards.  She is such a pack rat the stuff that girl collects astounds me.  I can see her as an old woman surrounded by animals in a house full of junk.  I got a call from my hair dresser telling me she was closing her business on Thursday (I had an appointment next week) and that she had a cancellation and would I like to go that afternoon.  Well I'm not going to say no.  So I spent a relaxing couple of hours with her.  She has been my hair dresser for so long I don't know what I'm going to do without her.  She's moving an hour away and will be working one day a week so I guess I could manage the trip every couple of months.


A few weeks ago we decided to move Tess to another school next year.  She's been having trouble with a group of feral's and was miserable at school.  I was going to pull her out for the rest of the year but didn't really want her to miss three weeks.  So Monday night I rang the new school and asked her if they would take her this week so she started this morning.    After I finished work  I flew home and drove her to school which is 30Kms away to buy her  some uniforms.  It was so nice to see her happy after school she had a great day.  She couldn't get over how nice everybody was.  Some year 11 girls saw us in the office and at morning tea they went looking for Tess to make sure she was okay and that she wasn't having morning tea on her own.  How nice was that.  I noticed this morning even the kids looked happier at this school.  Fingers crossed that she will settle in and start to enjoy school.   So today I didn't get much done although I did manage to swap my foodstuffs and crockery cupboards around.     Had  a really nice dinner tonight cauliflower fritters and noodle salad.  Yum

Bye for now


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Tess said...

those pics are fantastic, cant wait to see the rest of them. THanks for sharing my birthday with me..i have spent my voucher and will show you the BLING!!!!
Glad to hear that Tess is settling into her new school, I've heard good things of the new one!
I'm off to work now, it never ends does it LOL