Sunday, November 16, 2008

Early Birthday Celebrations

My  dear friend Tess is celebrating her birthday tomorrow so naturally as one does we started early.  We went here.   Penefathings, Montville  is one of my favourite places to go for a meal and a bonus is it's close to home.

DSCF1496 DSCF1493Here's the birthday girl having her First wine.

DSCF1472 DSCF1490 Tess and Gary, opening the pressie.



I had a lovely vegetarian risotto which was really yummy and very filling, the birthday cake was divine.  I was a lovely way to spend a Sunday.  It was really hot and muggy (I'm so not ready for this yet) when we got home we took the kids and the dog down to the Obi Obi for a swim.

DSCF1501 DSCF1504


Have a great week, the stormclouds are gathering and it's getting very dark very quickly so I had best get off here.

Bye for now


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