Sunday, September 27, 2009


That seems to be the topic of conversation this week .  After another mild dust storm overnight I can feel it on the floors (we had everything closed) and I can feel it on my skin.

The first storm was on Wednesday I left work at about 10am and as I was driving up the range you could see it near Brisbane and it hit us a few hours later.  These photo’s were taken at 2.30pm.





These were looking from my back yard into the paddocks behind us.




I guess we shouldn't be whinging as the people out west probably cop these ten times worse than us and more frequently lol.  Saturday morning I took these photo’s as we were going to Maleny from a lookout they were taken looking out to sea.




The girls are on school holidays and I have hardly seen them I don't think they have been home together at all lol.  To have the social life of a teenager, wouldn't that be great.  I don't think I would have the energy these days lol.  Lucy has spent time out on the Dairy Farm, she loves it out there and today she has gone to our friends dog kennels  for a few days. 

On one of the rare days Tess and Lucy were home together they went to Underwater World at Mooloolaba

They hadn't been there  since they were in Year 3 when you spent the night there in the tunnel under all the fish.



How cool is this little guy






Poor Tony I dragged him to the Garage Sales on Saturday morning at 6.30am I really don't think he enjoys it lol but it’s time we get to spend on our own .  I did well this week I think I did anyway lol.  I'm changing the interior of my house for years I have decorated country style  so am changing it to vintage country style,  lots of white .

It was funny last week I said to Tony that I wanted a small table for under a mirror that’s in the first room you enter when you walk into the  house I've had a meat safe there for years and wanted to move it.  Anyway we had been to three sales and were at the last one I was going to say don't worry lets go home but spotted a table, it’s perfect lol well it will be once I finish painting it.  Here are my finds for the weekend.


Yes I should have moved the dog’s grotty beanbag before I took the photo lol




Love this mirror only cost me $2 it’s really pretty.



I've already painted the little terracotta pot white and have given the table two coats


I did heaps of painting yesterday a base of a lamp, the table , candle stick holders, pots etc.  I was going to finish them today but woke up with a really bad headache so I haven't ventured into the shed at all.  With the end of the month this week and a lot of house work to be done I will be lucky to get to finish them until later in the week.  Anyway I had better be going, have a great week.

Bye for now


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