Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Ute, Diet and other things

Would it be inappropriate to mention that it’s only 95 days until Christmas.  Now that’s scary lol.  It seems like we have only just celebrated Christmas lol. 

I'm just starting to think about Christmas I would like to get organised early this year (I say that every year lol).

Tony wont be needing anything this year, while the girls and I were on holidays recently he went out and  bought this.  I must say I was very impressed




Isn't she beautiful.  I've always wanted a nice ute, neither of us have ever had a brand new car I've only driven it a few times I cant fit the kids into it, not that that is a bad thing lol.  Fred, the dog is happy as he can now come with us, he loves nothing more than riding in a ute or on the back of the truck.

I've gone back on the Body Trim Eating Plan, it’s not a diet it’s a way of life.  ROFL don't they all say that these days.  This one seems to work.  It’s a high protein low carb diet.  I've got to say I love my carbs.  An interesting observation occurred yesterday after being on the diet for ten days it was my free day so naturally I had pasta and hours after I ate it I still felt so sluggish and blah so maybe I'm getting over wanting carbs all the time. I read that if your eating like an athlete but not doing the training like one then that leads to weight gain.  With this diet you have to be organised and have available plenty of protein snacks.  It gets pretty boring if all you have on hand is tuna and deli meats.  So I try to make different types of rissoles, mini quiches and mini meatloaves.  Yes you can have bacon for breakfast if you want (I hate bacon)

The first three days are the hardest.  DETOX . All you can eat is protein no veggies or salads.  Portion sizes are important for women only 100gms of protein for main meal and 50gms of protein for snacks  if your hungry you can eat every hour if need be but you must eat every three. It’s pretty rough but it’s only three days.  I lost five kgs in the first three days and have lost three more since so I'm happy. 

After detox you eat three meals a day but must eat protein snacks in between.  You can eat as much veggies and salads as you like.  You get a free day every seven days but after that day you have a detox day.  I'm really enjoying the meals they are really good.  If I follow it properly I never feel hungry.  Just got to work on the exercise part lol. I'm back on my green smoothies I really miss these when I don't have one in the morning.  This one has spinach, apple, kiwi fruit and parsley in it.


Lucy’s sitting next to me and said it looks like vomit rofl.  It may but it tastes good.   

Now it’s a bit warmer we have started getting up early on a Saturday mornings and hitting the garage sales.  I've gotten some good bargains the last couple of weeks.  I've only taken Tony once as he says “where are you going to put that” all the time.  I will find a spot.   Scored this cute little table last weekend for $5 I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet.  It will get a coat of paint eventually at the moment it’s sitting on my verandah with plants  and my feng shui  frog on it.


Last weekend Lucy and I took Fred for a walk and went to the Mapleton Markets it is a relatively new markets and this was the first time I have been.  I was surprised how many stalls there were and how many people were there.  It was such a lovely morning and we spent an hour or so there.   Even the Sunshine Coasts mayor Bob Abbott was there playing the harmonica with the band.




My next door  neighbour Dianna makes beautiful necklaces, bracelets and earrings.


Here’s her husband Steve


The top two and the photo above I pinched off the Mapleton markets website.






This stall was beautiful the bags where all handmade and were gorgeous.  I've lost the tag that was on the bag I will find out the ladies name next markets.

I was even able to buy Olive oil that was made locally and it’s really nice.  Obi Obi Olive Oil is grown, pressed and packaged all on their farm.

obi oils

We were also able to get some lovely veggies grown from a farm not far from Mapleton.

Just a few pictures from our walk home before my camera batteries went dead.


This is our local information centre and houses Enigma Art gallery.  It is known as the Old School House, It used to be in the school grounds and was moved to this site a few years ago.  I cant remember how old it is and I'm too lazy to get up and get my book out lol



When this house was moved here I fell in love with it.  How gorgeous is it and what potential it has.  I watched the couple that lived there work every day on it.  The house was their labour of love.  Now I look at it and I feel sad and angry.  No one lives there any more and it’s on the market.  It’s a six bedroom house and as you can imagine it has a lot of work needed done to it.  Why is it empty?  When the couple that lived there retired they put the house in their daughter and son in laws name with the proviso that they would live in the house for the rest of their lives.  They put every single cent they had into the house then their lovely son in law EVICTED THEM.  The couple were absolutely devastated , they appeared in the local paper, news and I think on a Current Affair but unfortunately the law was on the Son in laws side.  What a mongrel.  The house has been on the market for ages and he has a pretty high price tag on it.  I wish I had the money I would buy it myself.  I hope someone buys it and restores it to the beautiful house that I think it will be.

I had a great day today I haven't scrapped in months up until last night.  Tess and I were invited to Blossies at Morayfield to attend  a class by the lovely Ngaire Bartlam.  What a great afternoon we had I haven't finished my layout yet but will post it soon.  Ngaire was lovely and a great teacher.


Julie, Ngaire and Tess


Julie, Me and Tess

To those that know Julie well, notice I got two photo’s of her without her sticking her tongue out, actually I got four of her and  not her tongue lol.

This has turned into a really long post I'm going to listen to some of the cricket before I go to bed

Bye for now


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The new ute is soooo cool! Love it and the colour.

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