Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm Still Here

I really haven't been doing anything exciting in the last few weeks.  Just running here and there to various appointments , dropping the girls off at various places.

Can you believe it’s still raining, not as heavy but showering.  The sun made a brief appearance a couple of days ago before the clouds set in again.  I love rainy weather but I really do need some sunshine.  Our chiropractor’s office is across the road from the beach, we often walk over there to have a look at the surf.  This day was cold and windy.  The water looked so dirty and brown I guess that is to be expected after weeks of rain.





Tony and I are struggling with sharing his shed lol.  He was supposed to go away to Goondiwindi a few weekends ago but due to the weather the race was cancelled.  I had planned to paint all weekend, he decided to work on his buggy all weekend .  On the Friday night he went to Brisbane to watch the Brisbane Broncos play so I thought I might as well start painting some stuff.  This is what greeted me when I put the roller door up.  How can anyone work in this space lol.



I notice that two cushions I have to recover and one of my drop sheets are piled up on top of his motor lol.  He also keeps moving things and it takes me a while to get started.  I did finish painting the book cases.  They look so much better now


Sorry about the dodgy picture. 

I was so disappointed with the garage sales on Saturday.  I haven't been since before Christmas so Lucy and I went to four on the weekend .  All I ended up with was a pretty cake stand and a vase.  I'm after white crockery and do you think I could find any.  Not a thing, I also tried three op shops on Friday and again nothing.  I'm patient they will turn up eventually.  Tess surprised me last week, she has always been adamant that she’s not wearing any clothes from an op shop, well she found four really nice shirts and a jumper all for the price of $10 lol.

Got this cookbook the other day and it has some lovely recipes in it.  I'm trying one for dinner tonight, Beef, date and spinach tagine, looks really yummy.

slow cooker

Better finish up I've got a bit of stuff on my to do list today and I have only done two out of the five things that must be done today

Bye for now



Anonymous said...

That recipe sounds yummy! Looks like another recipe book I might have to add to my collection. I do love my slow cooker.

Alicia@Thrifty And Chic said...

Jackie, Thank you for your kind words and for visiting my blog...although you spent a lot of time there, I'm glad you were inspired :) I noticed some scrapbooking layouts throughout your posts and they are simply beautiful and so creative...I love scrapbooking, so in turn, you have inspired me.
PS. I hope you get the use of the shed back, its no fun when you want to paint and create and you can't.