Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rain, Rain and More Rain

It hasn't stopped it just keeps raining.  Rather ironic they call us the Sunshine Coast.  As much as I love the rain even I am feeling the need for a day of sunshine.

When we first moved here 14 years ago, we were bringing some stuff to the house and when we got to the top of the range Tess who was 3  1/2yrs old said “Mummy we are going to live in the clouds.  Well she wasn't wrong, it’s as misty as I have ever seen it.

DSCF5186 There should be hills in the background.  No Jen I wasn't taking photo’s while I was driving Tess took this one.

DSCF5193This is looking from the Post office toward the pub.  These were taken about 4.30pm but it’s been like this for days.

My poor pool looks awful and it overflowed several times.  We wont be swimming in this anytime soon, well not until Tony puts some stuff in it to clear it up.


Anyway we cant complain the tanks are overflowing which means I can wash curtains, cushion covers etc and we can take slightly longer showers lol.  We never water our garden so it’s had an extremely good soaking.

On Friday I was sick and tired of being stuck in the house so Tess and I went for a drive to Pomona to check out a couple of second hand shops.  What can I say I thought I had died and gone to heaven .  Wished I had a heap of money to spend my goodness they had some excellent stuff.  I was very restrained lol.    They were called Rockin Relics and Juicy Junk great names , I will definitely be going back there.  It was funny we went to a couple of op shops and in one of them I got taking to a lady she was the one that told me about the second hand stores, she was saying she phoned one of them and was going to sell them a heap of stuff including a huge mirror.  Now my ears pricked up as I have been looking for a really big mirror for a few months and haven't had any luck.  Any way she gave me her address and I went around and saw her husband and I am now the owner of a really large mirror lol. I wasn't able to take it home with me as I had to go to Kawana later that afternoon to pick up a filing cabinet.  So I had to go back on Saturday which was such a shame as I had more time to go back to Rockin Relics and Juicy Junk. lol.  I will take a photo of the mirror tomorrow.  The plan is to put it in my really small lounge room in the hope that it will make it appear bigger.

  Spent a bit of money on big things this week, on Wednesday my washing machine decided to die, Tony who can fix anything had to admit defeat so now I am the proud owner of a flash new machine.


We had to go to Harvey Norman’s warehouse which happened to be near Recollections which was the only place that I could find that had white timber filing cabinets which I desperately needed.  So we went and got that to.  Only problem was I couldn't fit both things in the back of the car lol.  So I have been down to the coast three times this week.  Actually it’s been four as my chiropractor is on the coast too.  Over the years I've been lucky to drive down there no more than about 6 times a year.  I'm doing that in a week now .

Anyway time for bed I'm having trouble typing

Bye for now


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