Monday, December 6, 2010



For the last couple of years every birthday and Christmas Lucy has asked for a puppy.  As we already had Fred the answer was always no.  We were adamant that we did not want another dog.

We have a skip bin business and when we have bins that aren't on a job it’s convenient for Tony to leave them in bushland not far from the dump as all the skip bin operators do.  About three weeks ago Tony noticed a little staffy running around through the bush, the dog was very timid, extremely skinny and obviously very hungry.  It appeared that she might have had a litter of puppies, he phoned the local Rspca, local animal shelter and the local council to see if someone could come out and get the dog and see if they could find the litter.  The first two were understaffed and couldn't possibly do it and the third weren't that interested and would have to take her to the pound.  I told Tony to phone the Noosa RSPCA as they have a good name and reputation for helping when needed.  He did and although they couldn't get there that day (they are a 40 minute drive away)  they would help they asked Tony could he catch the dog or at least feed it.  Tony grabbed a tin of dog food and found the dog, she smelt the food straight away, still was very wary of Tony and wouldn't go to the food until he went away.

The next day Tony took some more food to her and she went up to him straight away.  After she had eaten he walked with her to see if he could find the puppies, he couldn't find any.  As he went to get back into his truck, she jumped in with him.  He took her to our vet, mainly to see if she had milk and had she given birth recently.  She had given birth but it had not been recently so he phoned the RSPCA again and told them he had the dog and they said they would pick her up the next day.

After spending the afternoon and night with her we decided to keep her.  I still don't want two dogs and she is a pain but she is such an affectionate little thing and very sweet.   She has some condition caused by mites and when she came to us had no fur on her back or parts of her face,  having no fur , she really smells.  So Lucy got her puppy, Milly is only 12 months old and it is her responsibility to bath her three times a week (for the mites), rub aloe vera into her skin and look after her.

They have really become the best of friends.




miss milly

Milly still looking a bit sad, she had only been with us two days.  Note all the missing fur.


Milly loving the beach , she had been with us two weeks.  She runs so fast and loves to swim.  I think she looks a bit possessed in this photo.


Her fur is starting to grow back and she’s put on weight.  Fred’s a bit put out and tolerates her, he would prefer that she not be here.


Caroline said...

I think despite your reservations Milly will have a very special relationship with your family seeing as you have rescued her from terrible circumstances. Hope all goes well.
Ps- I can't say I blame Fred either!

Libby said...

What a lovely story. She looks like a sweet pup - our friends have a staffy and it's got a great nature. Looks like Milly'll be a lovely addition to our family. That's one lucky pup that's for sure.