Friday, December 10, 2010

What my Kitchen looked like today.

After years of using a really crappy oven I finally got a new one put in today.  Our friend Brad is doing our minor kitchen reno’s A few months ago he tiled behind the oven, splash back above the sink.  This time he made a new base for our fireplace to sit on and add some tiles up behind the fire.  Put the new oven in and moved a few of our cupboards that are on the wall around.  My place looks like a bomb has gone off.  This is the dining table not even a space to put a cup of tea.


This is only the stuff out of two of the cupboards.  Silly me said I did want to clean out all the kitchen cupboards well I guess now is my  chance.



I hope this isn't a case of the blind leading the blind lol.


Brad doing something with the base of the fire place.  Cant remember the technical name lol

My beautiful new Westinghouse oven I cant tell you how exciting this is.  My other oven was so bad I hardly cooked in the oven and I haven't baked for years, although working in a bakery I didn't have to lol. I am so looking forward to cooking again Tony is looking forward to a roast, I don't think so as I don't want to dirty it lol.


I will eventually paint all my kitchen cupboards white.

Due to the state of my kitchen and the dust last night we went to dinner at the Maroochydore tavern formerly known as the Grinning Dog Tavern.  Oh my goodness the food was to die for.


I had the Cajun dusted Snapper on a bed of rocket, pumpkin, avocado and parmesan cheese with a garlic aioli .  This was superb  I haven't had a meal this good for a while.  All the others had steak and said it just melt in their mouths.  Will definitely be going back there.  Lucy’s already given me a list of goodies she wants to bake muffins and mudcake seem to be the first lot of things lol

Bye for now


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