Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Summer may be here.

It seems summer may be with us again, the last few days we have actually had no rain.  It’s only 33 days until autumn and for those of us that live in Qld know that the horrible summer humidity and heat can last well into autumn.  This year has been odd it has been raining for months, we had record winter rains, it rarely rains in winter and that's when we usually have to buy water for our tank.  We had record spring rains and it has just gone on from there.   As much as I dislike summer even I felt the need for some sun, however once that humidity hits I will be wishing for the cooler weather again.  We were fortunate and although we had amazing rainfalls over 300mms in 24hours we didn't get the damaging floods that everywhere else got but we did have the usual trouble spots.  Nambour has parts that go under every time we get heavy rain the main creek that runs through town runs at the bottom of the primary and High school, more than once we have had the call from school that they are evacuating as their ovals turn into rivers.  Fortunately it’s school holidays.  Our two supermarkets are right next to the creek and the water flowed into the car parks forcing them to be closed for a week.  Parking’s bad enough, it was chaos.  I went to the supermarket today and noticed the shortage of vegetables, no lettuce and what lettuce they had which was really tiny and was $4 for one.  They had very little choice in fresh herbs, I was really wishing now that I had my veggie and herb gardens up and running I need my veggies.  Anyway there are a few shots of the flooding in Nambour  on my other blog (see link in the sidebar) that was the Monday afternoon following the downpour of 300mms on the Sunday so it had gone down some buy the time we got to Quota Park.  When I got home I drove a few kms out to Mapleton Falls I have never seen it flowing like that in the fourteen years since we have lived here, there were three waterfalls.

Obi Valley

A very cloudy view from the lookout across the Obi Obi Valley

Mapleton Falls

Two of three waterfalls



The dogs were sick of being indoors and we were sick of having them indoors so as soon as it stopped raining we took them to Mudjimba beach.  Rain clouds were threatening but as night fell it had cleared up and has stayed that way for the past few days.




Milly taking Lucy for a run



beach 11


beach 12





Night time approaching.  Notice the two guys taking photos.  It was good light but disappeared way too fast.  This is looking from Mudjimba toward Maroochydore



My favourite photo of the day, no way perfect and definitely blurry but I'm learning how to use my camera and the sad thing was it was still in auto.

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Libby said...

Lots of wonderful photos. I especially like the sunset and reflection one but the ones of the girls are lovely too.