Friday, January 28, 2011

Thank Goodness it’s Friday

Even though I don't go out to work (I do our businesses books at home ) I'm really glad it’s the weekend.  It’s been a busy week and I'm looking forward to relaxing and doing some crafty things this weekend, although it will probably just be catching up with some scrapbooking projects, that I have quickly got behind in doing.

  I had great plans for today, get up early, give the house a really good clean, do the washing and ironing, then start on my stuff tonight.  Well it’s nearly 5.30 and I've done some washing, that’s it lol.  The day started well up early but I made the mistake of lying down to watch the morning news, well two hours later I woke up.  Then I spent the next couple of hours on the phone to Telstra as I had no internet since last night.  I was going to leave it until this afternoon to do as I knew it would be time consuming, wished I had.  Anyway Tess drove us to Montville as she had to go to work, I'm not liking giving up the drivers seat much, not that it’s a reflection on her driving, not at all, she drives really well considering she has hardly driven a car at all but I like to be in control of the car lol.  Got home another couple of phone calls, finally connected then disconnected again another call and finally connected for good so it seems.  I'm ready to start the house work then I get a phone call from the school, Lucy’s not feeling well could I come and get her.  Oh give me a break she’s only been back at school three days.  I immediately thought okay what subject does she have on this afternoon, sport (she hates it) or she has had a fight with one of her friends but it wasn't any of those and she swears she felt sick.  I might add she seems alright now.  Finally get home (after an hour) and twenty minutes later Tess phones, she has finished work and wants me to pick her up so she can drive home. I really didn't want to as she can get a lift home but being the nice mother that I am went and picked her up.  So it’s getting later and later, get home then Mitch (Tess’ boyfriend) and Tony turn up, they are all going away this weekend so it was a bit chaotic while they were throwing things into the car at this stage I'm about to give up so I'm going to write a blog post, get Lucy’s dinner which is already cooked, feed the dogs, then clean the house. As I write this the dog has decided he’s hungry and is just sitting next to me, willing me to get up and feed him, well he can wait.

Monday was the last day of the school holidays for Lucy.  Now we get fine weather it rained for most of the holidays, lucky she spent two weeks in Wagga and it was fine there the whole time.  We decided to do something with Tess (friend) her two sons and niece so we went to Buderim Falls.  It’s amazing to see this and it’s right in the middle of suburbia.  We entered through the easier way to walk to the falls but didn't get too far as one of the walkways had been washed away in the recent floods so we had to drive up to the other entrance and walk down a really steep and muddy walkway, thank god I wore my Mongrel Boots (these are the most comfortable shoes I own, they are work boots I got when I worked in the bakery but yes I wear them as much as I can) This was the beautiful view we were  greeted with.



I was standing at the waterhole looking up and the bridge that crosses the creek.


Actually took my camera out of auto and played with the shutter speed settings, have no idea what I'm doing but was rather pleased with it.  I'm having some lessons soon and I know I will look at this in a few months and say what was I thinking lol but I guess you have to start somewhere.


Almost underneath the falls it was so lovely and cool



We had our picnic lunch on the rock that the sun is shining on.


Another view from a different vantage point.


Because of all the recent rain there were little waterfalls everywhere.


We had a great day I took few photo’s of the kids and 400 photos of the waterfall lol. It’s well worth the effort, such a gorgeous place.

Tuesday saw Lucy back at school much to her disgust.  I cant believe she is in year 10 now and because of that had to buy all new school shirts this year.


I must have been asleep when I took this because I have only just noticed the little bugger changed out of her brand new skirt and into this old creased one, Why? because I haven't hemmed up  her other skirt and if she thinks it’s going to be taken up as short as this one she is mistaken, that skirt was from year 8 and she has grown a touch since then.


Come on Lucy you could look like you were a little bit excited to be going back lol

Wednesday was Australia Day and we didn't actually do anything as the girls both had to work, they work at the same place but had to start at different times so we were running back and forth.  At least I got to listen to the cricket.

Thursday was a most exciting day for Tess, her first driving lesson.  She was horrified that I was going to take photos so they were rushed and not that good and I also had the wrong lens on.  It was a momentous occasion so naturally I was going to take photos.  We had to meet her instructor Robbie, at Main Roads in Nambour.  Tess is having lessons with Phase Driving School.


Why is she hiding behind her purse.


That’s as good as it got.  That’s it for now, Dogs are fed as I got sick of them looking at me.  Have a great weekend

Bye for now



Libby said...

Goodness I got tired just reading about your driving here there and everywhere. I'm at the in between stage at the moment where I don't have to take them many places. The only after school activities the girls do are up at our school - just up the road and they haven't yet got busy social lives :-).
That trip to the waterfalls looks amazing. The photos turned out great.
My girls go back to school on Monday but I can't say I'm looking forward to it. I've enjoyed the unstructured time of the holidays. And with Amy starting high school things are changing big time!

Out Back said...

Beautiful photos Jackie, that waterfall is so pretty.

Your year 10er looks and sounds like mine, except mine is a boy! Teenagers, and what to do with them lol! I am glad school is back, the household gets a bit of peace...

Take care and have a great day,