Monday, October 10, 2011

A Day In Our Lives 7 Oct

I've come to the conclusion that we lead a fairly boring life lol.

On Fridays we get a bit of a sleep in as Lucy doesn't have to leave for the bus at 7am.  Every Friday Lucy spends most of the day at a local daycare centre, she doesn't have to be there until 8.30.  We needed to take a photo of her so she can write a bit about herself and pin it up on the wall at Daycare so the parents know who she is.


We left the house at 8am first stop was into the local store for Lucy to buy some morning tea, Mapleton only has one store now as the general store closed on the weekend.  Great shot of the antenna.


Dropped Lucy off at daycare


Tess and I decided we would go and have some breakfast before she started work.  We tried a new coffee shop called Jaxon’s, we are pleased to say that it is very nice.  It was nice to just sit and read the paper.




Tess was very good she had poached eggs I was a bit naughty.


I needed to get fuel as I was nearly on empty, silly me forgot it was Friday and should have filled up Wednesday or Thursday.


We then had to drive to Montville to take Tess to work




Went to collect the mail only exciting piece of mail that I got was a letter and a photo from my 99 year old grandmother, which is always lovely to get


I really wasn't in the mood to do much the house was clean and I had only got the computer back the day before and definitely didn't want to start doing bookwork so I decided to go back into town and visit a friend and as it looked like rain pick Lucy up and take her back to school when she finished at daycare.


You could see the rain on the coast.  I dropped Lucy off at school and headed back home.


I love the drive home, it’s very relaxing not alot of traffic (roadworks at the moment is giving me a bit of grief) you can feel the tension drain away by the time you get up the range.  It’s always made me feel that way.



Mapleton sits on top of this range, known as the Blackall range. When I got home I caught up on some blogs and found an interesting one that talked about making your own ricotta, we eat a lot of this and I would like to try making some, it sounded really easy.


I went for a walk around the yard, Milly came with me Fred was too lazy. The Iris was in flower

 DSC_8898 DSC_8886

Our block backs onto a farm and this tree is massive, the photo doesn't really show how big it is


The dark brown bit at the bottom of the photo is a termites nest that the kookaburras nest in every year.


The farmer had slashed his block and it was rich picking for the ducks. Milly was giving me this sad look “let me out I wont run away or chase the ducks” but I know better than that and she wouldn't be able to help herself so in the yard she had to stay.



Then Milly wanted to play ball, now this posed a problem as we don't have any balls because she has chewed them all up into tiny pieces, she's not fussy a lemon will do once she gets it off the tree.



The dogs get so excited when Tony gets home, not that Fred looks real excited but trust me he is.


Tess home from work and is having a rest and catching up with a friend on the phone before she has to go to work at 6pm.  Lucy gets home from school and is having her usual healthy afternoon tea.



Tony found a softball and thought it might last Milly a bit longer, yes her feet are off the ground.  These photo’s were taken over the next half hour.







I had good intentions to keep taking photos but by the time I took Tess to work, cooked dinner and did the night time stuff I never got back to it.  I went to pick Tess up at 9ish then we went to Maccas to get a coffee, came home and watch an episode of Inspector Morse that I had recorded.

Bye for now


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Libby said...

I read this post back when you posted it and thought I had commented. So sorry. It looks like a lovely day. I'm so jealous of where you live!!! So gorgeous. And that pup - too funny about the softball :-).