Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Day In our Lives- Monday 26th September


I haven't done a post in a while and am having computer issues (working off Lucy’s laptop) so thought I would do a day in our lives.  I thought it was going to be a quiet day as it was school holidays.  I really  needed to get up early, unfortunately I hit snooze several times too many when the alarm went off at 6am.  This was the time I got up, not a good start to the day.


It’s a beautiful sunny morning, Milly  loves to sit out in the morning sun.



After breakfast a bit of cleaning and washing (always lots of washing ) was in order.

Dont think Lucy’s going to be any help today.



Its really hard to clean with Milly around she has to attack everything.


Burning  my favorite candle.DSC_8666  Looks a bit worse for wear
























After the housework a nice shower was in order.  I love my Reclaim products.


Time for a cuppa and finish the menu planning.


Four Lists one for IGA, Woolies, Butchers and the fruit shop



Milly’s really sad because she knows she’s not coming with us and is going to get locked in the shed (she escapes all the time).  Don't worry Fred you will get some soon the promise of biscuits if Milly goes into the shed.  Fred always makes sure he gets some to



Off to Nambour to meet Lucy’s friend Rhiannon and her grandmothers at Michelles for a coffee, Rhiannon is staying at our house tonight.

They are finally fixing the road into Mapleton so for the next few months we are going to come across a lot of roadworks and yes the car windows are putrid.  A job for Lucy on the weekend.




I do my grocery shopping here and here



Got my drugs I always need these by this stage of shopping my head felt ready to explode


Then we drove out to Bli Bli to get our fruit and veg.


I know bad photos but it’s small and always busy I was feeling like a real dork so no inside photos only bad  outdoors.



Called into our post office,we don't get a mail service so all of Mapleton have to call in to the PO to collect their mail


Home again Home again jiggity, jiggity, jig Fred was on the footpath eating a bone that the dog food lady had given him and Tony was as always on the phone


I dare anyone to take his bone away, look at the look on his face lol



Worse thing about shopping is putting everything away. Got to love a full fridge



Time to start thinking about dinner, marinated some chicken then went outside to have a game with Milly


DSC_8642 DSC_8641

Tess has to be at work by 6pm,  thankfully Tony runs her down to Nambour while I get dinner


I looked into the pantry and decided I could not live with it for one more second so I started cleaning it out, not a good move at that time of the day.  I had made a start on this and it didn't take too long to get it looking good and to be able to fit things in better.  This photo is obviously during.



Despite the salads appearance it was delicious.  Balsamic Chicken and white bean salad from    After dinner the usual night time duties, washing up, making Tony’s lunch then I had to drive down and pick up Tess from work.  Got home and collapsed in front of the TV and watched an Inspector Morse show I had taped and went to bed about 12.30am. Until next time

Bye for now


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