Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Best Wishes, Broken Bones and Christmas Parties


DSCF1472 As it is for most at this time of year another very busy week has passed us by. 

Firstly I have been thinking of this beautiful lady ALL DAY.  Hope everything went well today Tess.

This is what happens when you are flying down a really really steep hill at a hundred miles an hour on your pushbike and as you throw yourself into the corner you realise that your brakes don't work.  You come to a certain amount of grief.  Surprisingly he's not missing as much skin as he should have been.  A lovely lady called Teena that saw the accident and stopped to help Matt said all he was worried about was had he damaged his new phone and new clothes, these were unscathed.  Never mind that his wrist was in a very unnatural position and just flopping around lol.  She called me at work which fortunately is only five minutes away so I drove down and we waited over an hour for the ambulance by this time the poor boy was in a lot of pain and in shock . It is only a five minute drive to the hospital.  I was going to drive him but he felt that I might cause more pain to his arm.  What is he trying to tell me lol I would have driven slowly. 

DSCF1614 We eventually made it to emergency and after being in there for four and a half hours they decided that he would need to be operated on.  This happened last Tuesday and Matt didn't have his operation until Thursday morning  where they had to put a plate into his arm and eventually was allowed to come home on Friday night.  He is having this cast removed in a week or two and a proper one put on.  So his summer is going to be very hot, sticky and very uncomfortable.

As some of you know Lucy attends the Integration Centre at school ( special ed) and is entitled to free bus transport to and from school.  Her lovely bus driver Peter and carer Marilyn arranged a Christmas luncheon for all the children and their families at Tranquil Park, Maleny.  I have been here before when I attended a Folk Art retreat many years ago.  Unfortunately it was a bit overcast on a fine day you can see all the way to Brisbane


It was really nice to meet all the families they were the nicest people and lunch was delicious.  Below is the kids with Peter and Marilyn.


Bye for now


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