Thursday, December 18, 2008

Photo a Day Challenge


Ive been taking heaps of photo's but havent had time to upload them.  My photo for the 3rd Of December is of my mum and Lucy.  She came to stay for a week and this was taken at the airport.  She had to fly from Wagga ( plane was delayed an hour)to Sydney then catch another flight to Maroochydore.  I got to the airport at 2pm to pick her up and firstly found out the flight was late.  By 2.30 I was  deciding to leave as I had to pick Lucy up from school then I noticed that the flight had been diverted to Brisbane.  Finding someone that knew what was going on and was told they  would be arriving by bus in about two hours  (right during peak hour)  So poor Jen looked tired when she finally arrived.  We quickly drove home then I had to get Lucy to concert rehearsal and had to hang around until 9pm until they finished.



We had planned to go Christmas shopping but when I woke up I felt like I had the flu and felt pretty crook so decided not to go.  I had some sewing to do on Tess' tutu I had to sew the overlay on and her leotard straps.  Im not a sewer, leotards I can do but this scared the hell out of me lol.  I only had to tack it on so Jen started on one side me on the other and we met in the middle lol.  What always annoys me if Im paying $100 for a costume well I except it to be done I dont want to have to add things onto it lol.


This is the only photo I took and it's not a good one.  Tess and Lucy before we left for their end of year dancing concert.  They wouldnt take the time for me to get a pic of them.  Cant say I blame them.  Lucy gave up dancing a few years ago but took up hip hop this year.


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