Monday, December 22, 2008

Catching Up

I braved the crowds today and what can I say it was such a painful experience,  I guess I'm just not  a shopper.  I've just got one more gift to get,  the shop had sold out but assures me he will have more in tomorrow.  I hope so or I'm in trouble lol.

Photo of the day   5/12/08

DSCF1643  I cant believe this is the only photo I took this day.  I couldn't get a park and poor Matt (with his broken arm ) and Tess had to struggle with all her costumes and props.  They had to walk up two flights of stairs lol.


Wasn't sure what photo to go with today.  Tess and her dance school performed at the Pelican Waters Christmas Carols.  They had rehearsals from 10am and where there until after 9pm it was a very hot day.  I don't think we will be doing this next year.  Every year they have two celebrities and they sign autographs etc.  Now as Channel 7 sponsor this they are always stars from Home and Away .  I have to confess I had never heard of Lincoln Lewis but he was a very nice young man taking the time with each child talking with them and having  photo's taken.

Lucy & Lincoln



DSCF1254 Shopping. shopping and more shopping.


DSCF1947 We said goodbye to Grandma today, we enjoyed her being here and am sad to see her go.  Wrapped pressies today.  I wrapped the gifts then put them in a box then wrapped the box lol.  Waste of paper I know but I always find presents with holes in the paper so I've tricked them this year lol.


DSCF1906   Lucy's graduation Day cant believe she starts high school next year.  I really had a tough time getting photo's at school so this was taken at home.  I should have moved the bike that's in the background lol

DSCF1762 Great shot of the heads of the two people in front of me lol


DSCF1955 Matt got his new cast on today.  Four weeks to go and it's driving him nuts.



Had two delightful visitors today, Aaryn and Cameron .  They swam all day, Lucy had a ball.


  Scrapped at Tess' last night and finished off my Christmas cards.  No I didn't do all these in one night lol.  Had a small street party at one of the neighbours houses.  Well I should say all the normal neighbours had a get together lol.  We had a fantastic night I wished I had taken my camera.


Went to the Mooloolaba Surf Club for lunch with some friends.  Had a really enjoyable couple of hours and the kids were able to swim at the beach while we relaxed in the club.













DSCF1914 I have always wanted a Christmas Wreath for my front door.  Last year Nanny gave me $50 for Christmas I left it in the card and then couldn't find the card.  I came across it only a few weeks ago just after I had seen this wreath in Myers so I promptly went back and got it. It's pretty neat as it has little read lights.


waitingHad to laugh at this.  How many scrapping layouts do you see where the child is looking out the window waiting for dad to come home.  Well Fred loves his dad and as soon as he heard the truck pull up he jumped up on the window looking for dad rofl.


Another hot day so what is there to do but go for a swim.DSCF1810



These little seedlings were only planted a little time ago.  My veggie gardens not ready yet so I planted them in these.  There are a few different varieties of lettuce in there.  We also planted some basil and parsley in another box.


DSCF1940 I don't buy much scrapping stuff these days.  I guess one needs to do a bit of scrapping to justify this lol.  I did however buy a few goodies as I wanted to get a start with my diary that all these photo's are going into.

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