Saturday, June 13, 2009

DAY FIVE 8/6/09

Firstly happy  birthday to my father, David.

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We were able to have a sleep in this morning  although I still was up by 5.30am the photo below was taken at about 7.10am from my room.



We arrived out on the track about 8.30am I did not accompany Stitch this time lol.

Tony started the race 14th off the start line.  We listened on the two way and were greatly relieved each time we heard our car number mentioned as it went through the checkpoints.  Last of the car photo’s for a long time I promise.







DSCF1445  DSCF1452




If you enlarge the last photo that’s Stitchie with the yellow vest on he’s got a huge smile on his face as Tony went past us.

Tony finished 12th outright and third in class.  Out of 75 cars only 20 something finished.

Winners are grinners, well Les never smiles but  you couldnt wipe the smile off  Tony’s  face for hours


After we packed up the pit area and repacked the trailer we spent the afternoon on our balcony celebrating the fact that they finished The Finke.  We went out to Dinner at the Todd Tavern , dinner well it’s not worth discussing at all.  I couldnt even eat it. 


The presentation was held at the Casino Im not even sure of the proper name of it.  We had a wild taxi ride to the Casino by a wild looking taxi driver who loved Slim Dusty up at full volume .  My camera takes crap photo’s indoors so I only got a couple.



OMG Les has broken into a smile I wonder if that’s because he had  a few drinks.


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