Friday, June 12, 2009

DAY TWO 5/6/09

When you are involved in this type of racing I learnt years ago you just have to go with the flow and Friday was one of those days. Last time we were here you were able to do a reconnaissance of the prologue track, this year it was cancelled but Tony decided to go out to the track just for a look (yeah right lol)  He ended up walking the eight kms, I  should have gone with him for the exercise.  We had made plans to go to the Desert Park that afternoon.  Unfortunately it wasn't to be.  By the time he got back at 1pm he needed to do something with the tyres and we had to be at the show grounds by 3.30pm for scrutineering .  I could have gone sight seeing with Brett and Ron but decided to chill out at the motel.   I was feeling really tired, so just read, snoozed and watched TV.  I finally got to see Twilight I thought it was OK but really couldn't see what the fuss was over it.

We arrived at the show ground on time then proceeded to wait for HOURS AND HOURS for the car to be scrutineered  I was not impressed.  It’s a huge night opened to the public.  Two large pavilions one for the motor bikes and one for the cars.  It actually rained and was very cold.  I stood up for five hours on  a concrete floor I have never experienced aching feet and legs like I did that night.  I got a lift home an hour before Tony was able to leave next time I think I will give that part a miss. lol


Rain clouds forming over head.  There were about 75 cars entered this year and 500 bikes they started a wait list for the bikes in case riders decided not to race.




David, Johnny, Tony and Jude.


The paint job on this truck is awesome.


Just loved the Wicked Quick truck, it nearly left the track and ran us over on the last day of the race lol. First time I lost my nerve while taking photo’s I'm sure I wasn't in any danger but the guys standing next to me were very jumpy and making me nervous lol.



Hate to say but this was all the photo’s I took I really lost my enthusiasm that night lol.

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