Friday, June 12, 2009

DAY FOUR 7/6/09

RACE DAY 230kms ,stay overnight then 230kms back.

A very early start Tony got up about 4am, starting pacing around and waking everyone up.  If he couldn't see lights on in their rooms he would send a text message asking them if they were awake.  Often the reply was well I am now.

I decided to keep Stitchie company and drive  with him about 30kms down the track to a spot than he wasn't sure where it was but knew he would recognise it once he saw it.  Did he realise it was going  to be still dark.  Ron, Brett and Glenys followed us out in the HEATED  hire car.

My goodness it takes a lot to make me nervous in a car but what a scary drive .  Here he was a cuppa in one hand and flying along the road I had no idea what speed we were doing as the gauges were broken.  I kept repeating to myself that Stitch was used to these roads and he drove a buggy also,I think he thought he was on the race track.   I lived to see another day lol and he found his spot.  As soon as we got there we got a fire going , what a great way to start the day.




The buggy above came to a very sad demise this car is worth over $300,000 it caught on fire and there was very little left of it.  The driver got out in one piece .

I took much better photo’s today.



DSCF1153 DSCF1167

I got the shock of my life after 20 cars had past the next car was Tony he had passed 10 cars in 30 kms.  The next photo is a dud but why was he waving at me and not  looking where he was going.


I was standing on the corner and just up from me was a small incline with whoops (very deep corrugation ) Ron and Brett were standing just before it and Stitch was up the top.  Ron was signalling to Tony that he was now fourth in class, obviously Tony saw him because when he looked back on the track  well lets just say a couple of seconds more and he wasn't on the track anymore.  To make matters worse the buggy hit a whoop and was sort of doing a wheelie and was only on it’s back wheels heading for a group of photographers.  I missed all this but Stitchie has the proof, he got the shot.   I cant wait for him to send it to me.  The crowd were running some were pulling each other along, it’s  a classic.  Lucky all ended well but it gave them a scare.

How cute is this.  I cant believe that this car made it there and back and did last year as well.



I guess the guy that owns it wouldn't appreciate me calling it cute but its so tiny, i would imagine that it almost gets lost in some of the larger whoops.

It amazes me that we were out in the middle of nowhere and we were still able to fire up the laptop and follow the race through the checkpoints.


Time for breaky Bacon and Baked Beans I settled for just a cuppa and a muffin


I did take some photo’s of the bikes

DSCF1246 DSCF1354 DSCF1251

DSCF1265 DSCF1375

Stitch was so excited that Tony had made up so many places he decided to celebrate with  a few beers which meant I had the pleasure of driving the Hilux home.  Now I think I'm a competant driver.  I've driven buses , trucks and even a semi trailer once but this car was a nightmare. For starters NONE of the gauges worked and the drivers seat was broken, it slanted toward the door and it pinched your back and bottom every time you hit a bump which was the whole way back.  Now I'm not one to ever admit defeat but I fought with that car the whole way back and ended up not talking because I was concentrating so hard to keep it on the road.  I was so relieved to arrive back at the resort.  We chilled out in our rooms and had an early night.

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