Monday, December 28, 2009

Cant see for Looking

For months  I've been searching for a rectangular coffee table.  Each week at the garage sales I hope that today will be my lucky day.  I even put out a wanted ad on Freecycle but to no avail.  I hate my oval coffee table and it was driving me nuts then last Wednesday I had a light bulb moment.  My new coffee table was sitting in the shed and had been for months.   Lucy and I found a sturdy wooden toybox at a garage sale for$10 and I got it for Lucy.    Lucy’s not real happy that I've taken it but I figure my need is greater than hers.


Perfect, so today I gave it several coats of paint and stained the top.  It also has good storage space for our throw rugs and other bits and pieces. I will finish it off tomorrow with two or three more coats and two more on the lid.


I promised Tony I would get some of my stuff out of his shed as it’s a bit cramped at the moment lol I'm not going to any more garage sales until I've gotten the rest of the furniture out.  I had a fairly productive day.  The little table which I paid $5 for at Salvo’s needs one more coat and it can come inside tomorrow.  I finally managed to get my frames painted, I have had these for years, hopefully will get them hung tomorrow.

Anyway better go back to work tomorrow.

Bye for now


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